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9 Curling Wand Hacks We Learned on TikTok

Like many of you, we have spent the majority of our free time scrolling through videos on TikTok. And wow, have we learned a lot. We wanted to share some of the best TikTok curling wand hacks we’ve discovered on the app. From how to section your hair to achieving different types of curls with the same wand, there is no shortage of TikTok curling wand hacks here. Get ready to have your mind blown as you scroll through the list below!

TikTok Curling Wand Hacks

1. Stop running the curling iron straight down your strands.

We’ve all been taught to do this when using a curling iron. We clamp the top section of our hair, then draw the tool down to the end to start curling. When we do that, we actually straighten the hair, which makes it difficult to curl. The more you know.

2. The trick to achieving long-lasting curls.

This hack changed our curls for the better. Our curls often fall flat fairly fast. Realizing there are a number of thinks we should be doing to maintain the coils was a game changer.

3. Reach over your head from the opposite side.

This wasn’t ever something we did before we saw this TikTok. Now that we do, we’ve noticed our curls turn out more voluminous than ever before.

4. The difference between using a flat and twisted strand of hair on a curling wand.

Truth be told, we didn’t know our curls would turn out differently depending on whether we used a flat or twisted stand on it. Now, we know one makes more voluminous coils and the other produces beachy waves.

5. How to achieve the effortless bend in the hair.

This is a French girl’s go-to look. You can use your wand in a specific way to recreate this effortless hairstyle.

6. What sectioning your hair horizontally versus vertically does to your curls.

Sectioning your hair vertically will give you long, beachy waves. Opting for horizontal sections will help you achieve a more voluminous look.


#curlingwand curls can come out really different based on the type of section you make😛 #hairstylist #hairtips #hairtutorials

♬ Stuck In The Middle – Tai Verdes

7. How to achieve five different types of curls with the same wand.

Yes, you can use the same wand to achieve different types of curls. No need to purchase a million different tools.

8. The direction you hold the wand dictates the shape you get.

Holding your curling wand vertically will produce beach waves, whereas holding it horizontally will give your curls more body.


Control✨Your✨Curl✨ love both, sometimes even mix it up w/ both shapes in one style😛 #curlingwand #curlingiron #amika #hairinspo #hairtututorial

♬ Toxic – Britney Spears

9. When in doubt, use an automatic curling iron.

Sometimes the best way to get the curls of your dreams is to use an automatic curling iron. What’s better than a tool that does the work for you?


Wish I had known about this years ago.. I’ll post the link in the comments if you’re interested! #hairtransformation #haircare #hairhacks

♬ L.Dre Ipanema – L.Dre

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