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7 TikTok-Approved Items That Make the Best Holiday Gifts for Your BFF!

We turn to TikTok for everything, so naturally, holiday season is no exception. As we all know, TikTok is huge in the beauty community, hair in particular. We learn about new styling strategies, fresh products and gosh, everything! So it only makes sense that we get our holiday gift ideas from TikTok as well. Namely, for our BFF! Stuck on what to swoop up? Look no further than our guide below!

Feather Extensions

When Addison Rae rocks something, you know it’s instantly becoming a trend! TikTok’s biggest breakout star sported a feather extension, and just like that, the rest of the app was, too. And quite frankly, we’re on board. They play into our funky, creative side and have the ability to spice up any old look. Need some inspo? Try The Feather Junkie!

Hally Color Cloud Holiday Kit

Gen Z is obsessed with changing their hair color, and Hally Hair took note! They launched a demi-permanent color foam aimed at the TikTok generation. And they’ve had no trouble gaining consumers’ attention. The brand has become extremely popular on the app, and has even landed Ellie Thumann and Ava Phillippe as ambassadors.


Scrunchies have been back in for a while, but the trend has absolutely exploded on TikTok. They’re a fun, easy way to elevate an otherwise ordinary look (or a bare wrist). If you’re hunting for something sleek, solid-colored and practical, we recommend MykSilk. If you simply want something fun, Urban Outfitters is an excellent option.

Olaplex No. 8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask

Olaplex is all over TikTok, but we’re going to suggest their debut hair mask as a specific holiday gift idea. This was hands-down the breakout hair mask of 2021, and for good reason. The mask features avocado oil as one of its hero ingredients. The formula is designed to add shine, smoothness and body, while providing intense moisture to treat damaged hair. The vegan product is free from gluten, parabens, phthalates, sulfates and phosphates.

Shea Moisture Hydrate and Repair Shampoo + Conditioner

Now that you have your hair mask out of the way, let’s move on to shampoo and conditioner that saw figurative fame on TikTok. Shea Moisture’s Hydrate and Repair shampoo and conditioner are made with manuka honey and yogurt. Both are under $20, so purchase the duo, throw in a hair accessory, and call it a day!

Hair Roller Kit

Heatless curls are all the rage on TikTok, and rightfully so! They’re not damaging, curlers are usually cheap, and you don’t have to be a styling expert to see top-tier results. Snag your pal a kit of their own (we personally love Luxy Hair’s Velcro Hair Rollers, but if you want additional inspo, click HERE).

Claw Clips

Much like our beloved scrunchies, claw clips made their comeback a while back. But again, TikTok has seen the trend explode. This one from MARA is Nessa Barrett’s favorite. Once again, we defer to our trusty Urban Outfitters for an array of stylish, colorful options!

Need more gift-giving inspo? Look no further than our gift guide of items under $25 HERE!

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