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I Tried One of TikTok’s Biggest Hair Trends and I Don’t Get the Appeal

I’m well into my 30s, but don’t think for a second that’s deterred me from being influenced by TikTok. I’ve purchased the clay rings and finally learned how to do a proper cat eye. Exfoliants for the booty are my new favorite shower go-to. And, I tried one of TikTok’s biggest hair trends.

Yep, I tried the skunk hair trend—a massively popular spin on a style that trashy girls from my Orange County, CA hometown wore to the clubs in the early aughts. Fast-forward, there are so many variations of the former mainstay, and given the options and the skill of my incredible colorist, I thought it could be fun to give it a contemporary go. After all, I did recently revive my red peek-a-boo highlights from that era, and they looked superb.

I was mildly hesitant, but my colorist (and another one in the salon at the time) insisted it was all the rage and that it would look super cool. And just like that, I went for it.

Now, let me begin by saying I love the blonde. In the past, it hasn’t looked good on me, but this very, very light blonde is great. In fact, I’d love more of it…which brings me to my next point. I just don’t think the skunk trend looks good on my coloring. I think if I did two-toned hair, I’d want the blonde (and plenty more of it) to blend seamlessly into the brown instead of doing it by way of panels. And I think of utmost importance, I’ve made such a huge point to grow out my hair over the last couple of years that it’s hard when people ask if I’m wearing extensions (which is a totally natural question for this type of look).

Overall, I don’t hate the look—and for the sake of my eternal youth, I’m glad I tried one of TikTok’s biggest hair trends. But I don’t get the appeal for myself. And hey, that’s okay. I don’t think the trend will suffer to stay afloat by way of my influence.

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