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5 TikTok Hair Trends That Are Totally Worth Trying

Although we always recommend approaching any TikTok trend with a healthy dose of caution, some of them might just be worth the hype. Whatever your current hair needs are, the short-form video platform might just have what you need to take your ‘do to the next level. From strand growth to color inspiration, scroll through below for all the TikTok hair trends that might actually be worth trying.

1. Rice Water for Hair Growth

We’ve spoken many times about the rice water hair growth trend before. The verdict is in and even experts say it’s worth a go. Rice water is actually rich in amino acids and a carbohydrate called inositol which helps repair damaged hair. The best part? It’s incredibly easy to make and is 100% organic so we see no issue in giving this a go if you’d like a sustainable form of hair growth.


✨INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW EXACTLY TO MAKE THE RICE WATER✨ #hairgrowth #hairtok #hair #feelinggood #fyp #foryou

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2. Curtain Bangs

Let’s be honest, there are some seriously bizarre trends on TikTok, but people sporting adorable curtain bangs on the platform are not one of them. Curtain bangs are, in our humble opinion, the perfect way to add dimension to your locks and frame your face. They also earn an A+ for easy styling—a necessary feat when you’re always on the go.

3. E-Girl Hair

Dua Lipa did it first, but as more people have hopped on the train, we can’t help but call this a real trend. Nineties streaks and brightly-hued highlights color the “E-Girl Hair” movement. The chunkiness of this look is utter perfection and anyone brave enough to try it will look edgy.

4. #CurlsCheck

This hilarious and eye-opening trend really got us thinking—do a lot of folks truly have curlier hair than they think? #CurlsCheck shows users trying out various techniques to brush, dry, and style their slightly wavy hair to see if their waves are actually (surprise) full-fledged coils. Most have been completely shocked by the results so we say if you think you have waves, give this a shot and see if they’re ringlets.

5. Hair Tie Without a Hair Tie

This is by far the easiest hack to try but it’s a game-changer nonetheless. This little trick could save us all from buying the hundreds of hair ties per year we know we all end up buying. If a no-hair-tie-hair tie vibe is your jam, twist your hair up and how it works for you.

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