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8 Hairstylists on TikTok You Need to Follow

TikTok is the perfect distraction. You can find yourself scrolling and laughing for hours on end. As more and more people discover the app, hairstylists have found it a valuable tool for everything from tutorials to hilarious videos. We found eight TikTokers who are changing the game with their content. Here are seven TikTok hairstylists you need to press follow on now!

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Matthew Newman

Better known as @mattloveshair, Matthew Newman has become a go-to source for styling inspiration and more on TikTok. The NYC-based hairstylist is our favorite product tester because we know we can always trust his honest reviews.


so this attachment isn’t actually made by Dyson, but I had to try it! @WendyWouldDyeForYou made me do it🤯 #dysonairwrap #hairtiktok #hairvideo

♬ Snatched – Big Boss Vette

Kathy Nunez

Hairstylist and entrepreneur Kathy Nunez (@kathynunezhair) offers a ton of hairstyle and hair color inspiration with her videos. Plus, her comedy is perfection. You will never laugh so hard in your life.

Michele Pritchard

If you are looking for quick and effective haircare tips, Michele Pritchard (@michelepritchardhair) is your gal. She expertly edits her videos and makes them chockfull of knowledge.

Holly Daigle

If you like your hair videos with a side of comedy, head on over to Holly Daigle’s (@hairbyhollyd) TikTok page. The pro uses popular songs and tracks to hilariously explain what it actually feels like to be a hairstylist at times.

Colucci Parrucchieri

If men’s grooming is your game, Colucci Parrucchieri (@colucci_hairstylist) is the name. The guy has over one million followers who he shows incredibly inventive ways to achieve unique men’s styles.

Theresa Van Dam

If you think you’ve got horror stories as a hairstylist, wait until you hear about the ones Theresa Van Dam (@theresavandamstylist) has suffered through. Her hilarious recounts of what she has had to put up with from clients always has us laughing and also slightly concerned.

Siiri Parks

We also can’t forget to highlight another TikTok hairstylist who has all the horror stories, Siiri Parks (@siiriparkss). Her experiences with clients will make yours seem like a walk in the park.

Chris Appleton

Celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton (@chrisappletonhair) serves up stunning hair tutorials with his TikTok. You’ll feel like a celeb yourself after following one.


How to create the kim k inspired updo

♬ First Class – Jack Harlow

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