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7 Top TikTokers to Have on Your Radar

Everything is happening on Tik Tok, from dance and duet challenges to epic hair and makeup tutorials. It’s even launching superstars like Addison Rae (our Mane Muse) and Charlie D’Amelio.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to join the Tik Tok party. And there’s no better way we can think of then by following the most engaging hair influencers. We rounded up the can’t miss hairfluencers who you’ll be dueting with before you can swipe next.


From hacks to hair type specific recommendations for all types of products (including masks and detanglers) Michele Pritchard’s content is fresh and gives us beauty school lessons in 15 seconds or less.

@michelepritchardhair##showercap ##tipsandtricks ##showerroutine ##haircareroutine ##learnontiktok ##viral ##fyp ##OneStepCloser

♬ Happy Happiness Background Music – Massacaresound

Nessa is a Tik Tok sensation – her glossy long locks and sing-a-long vids have earned her over 15 million followers. If you’re looking for a dark hair color but don’t want to go jet black, intro her to your colorist.


@nessaabarrett♬ shut up beach – luvvqp


Another dark haired TikToker famous for easy to imitate dances, we’re feeling dixie’s recently textured chop.

@dixiedamelio😇 🤍

♬ original sound – alyssa


Is Addison Rae the queen of Tik Tok? The Kardashians have taken her mainstream, and you can follow her (and her chunky highlights) here.


@addisonre♬ lonely child by salem ilese – Emmabrooksmcallister


Rowi Singh has unbeatable looks – seriously, her transformations are on par with filters. Follow this girl to add color and inspo to your feed and then bring out your own inner baddie.


@rowisinghHere’s a look compilation from last year, enjoy ##fyp ##valentinesday

♬ Black Eyed Peas Imma Be – uh


Is there anything more gratifying than a transformation? Dasia is full of them, from recreating celeb looks to the graduating class of ’95 – she’ll even through in a wig and bun tutorial every now and again. Follow and be entertained.


@dajjramboEhh she a lil stiff but…😐 ##wigtutorial ##Coloredwig ##foryou ##fyp ##SwitchTheChobaniFlip ##makeuptutorial

♬ original sound – Cariii ✨


It’s fun, games, and big, big hair for Challan. Watch her become an actual anime character and routinely cut her own hair mid-dance.


@challxnIma dye this pink and I got a PC

♬ original sound – Challan

HERE’s how TikTokers crimp.

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