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Use These TikTok Sounds to Show Off Your Hair Transformations

TikTok has become the new hotspot to showcase your latest and greatest hair transformation. Sorry, Instagram! TikTok sees it first. But posting on TikTok is a little bit tougher than posting on IG because it requires an extra bit of effort. You need a concept, a story, and most importantly, a sound. We’ll let you figure out the story you want to go with, but for now, we’ll leave you with the best TikTok sounds for all your hair transformation videos. Find the one that gets those creative juices flowing below!

Oh My God!

Showcase your before and after in this quick little audio. It even works for any makeup transformations you want to show off.

Don’t Be Sad, Go Dye Your Hair

There’s no sadness that can’t be cured by dyeing your hair.

I’m a God

Another quick one, this audio will send your self-esteem through the roof and remind everyone exactly who you are.

You Can Change Your Hair

Thank you, Hannah Montana, for this wonderful audio to highlight every hair transformation we’ve ever undergone.


the day i found @gregglennonjr (hair god of GODS) was the day i found myself also not spon but it’s all @gooddyeyoung #hairtok #fyp 😛 what’s ur fav!

♬ You can change your HAIR – lauren

Nice and Clean, Nice and Easy

For times when you take matters into your own hands, be sure to use this audio.

Have You Seen Me?

There’s no denying it, this audio will really have you feeling yourself. As it should be.


HELLO NEW HAIR?! ✂️@dropdeadkristi

♬ hottest mfers – amina

It’s Game Time, B*tches

Leave it to track star Sha’Carri Richardson to execute a flawless hair transformation with this audio.


Minor Set Back For A Major Comback 💙🔥 GAME TIME @1carri Follow My Insta @Tamedbybri .. Mua @skyycreation💄

♬ took some time off to rest and now its game time – emm.

Okay Shawty

Not only did @heymickey14 give us a great sound for hair transformations, he even came up with the best transition idea for it.

I Have Normal Hair

For those who want to tap into their humorous side, we suggest going with this audio.

To the Salon

This audio clip from Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse can take viewers through your entire salon experience. But you can always trim down the audio if you just want to show off your final look.

Need a caption for your video or Instagram post? Check out THESE IG captions for photos of your hair transformation!

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