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How to Master the “TikTok Top Knot”

From hair tinsel to 3D curls, HairTok trends just keep coming. The latest one to overtake the social media platform? An influencer-approved twist on the classic top knot. As seen on trend-setting celebrities like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, the ”TikTok top knot” is quickly becoming one of this season’s most wearable styles. Often characterized by a slick center part and a mid-to-high wrapped bun, this minimalist updo is one we should all master. So, we sat down with celebrity stylist Ayano Jinnouchi to discuss how to get this low key look.

About the Expert

Ayano Jinnouchi is a celebrity hairstylist based in Los Angeles.

How to Get the “TikTok Top Knot”

Step 1: Product is key.

The right product is absolutely essential to this style. A very sleek, smooth bun requires a repertoire of gels, foams, and spritzes. “I like to prep with styling foam, a little bit of gel, and finish with hard spray or edge control,” Jinnouchi says. She recommends Color Wow Styling Foam, Eco Style Gel, Oribe Superfine Spray, and SoReal Silk Hair Gel.

Step 2: Work in sections.

The TikTok top knot can be worn in so many ways. Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid often opt for a sleek center part. We recommend using a fine tooth comb to get that super hard-line look. Others prefer something part-less to go all in on the sleek effect. “I like to part back and front (ear to ear) so you can work on small section and easier to keep them tight,” Jinnouchi continues.


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Step 3: Smooth the ponytail.

Next up: the ponytail. Once you’ve worked in your initial product, secure your ponytail with an elastic at the desired height—generally, right at the back of your crown. “Once you tied your hair, make sure to put in product and smooth the ponytail and twist,” Jinnouchi explains.

Step 4: Twist and finish.

The final step is a super simple one: simply twist and spray. A clean, twisted bun is all you need to get this staple style. “As you twist the ponytail, you wrap your hair and make it clean bun,” Jinnouchi notes. Once your wrapped strands are secure, you’ll went to set the look. “Finalize with your favorite spray, gel, or edge control,” she adds. “Finally, use a small tooth brush to get the hair smooth.”


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