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How to Mentally Prepare for a Dramatic Haircut

Sometimes you can’t help yourself. You see a new haircut everywhere and even though it’s a completely different vibe than what you’ve always had, you decide to go for it anyway. The outcome always varies. The ordeal either ends with you taking copious amounts of selfies and thanking the heavens for your hairstylist, or you cry hysterically hating every inch of your new cut. If the above sounds all too familiar, we’ve enlisted two pros to help us cope with a drastic haircut. 

Feisal Qureshi, Raincry Founder and Creative Director has witnessed every type of haircut in his career that has spanned over two decades. Working with models and celebrities has also helped him perfect the way he approaches extreme appearance changes like drastic haircuts.  “Dramatic haircuts produce dramatic reactions,” the pro weighs in. “Make sure that you have a reasonable idea of your thresholds and that there are no surprises after,” he advises. Thresholds to consider include the desired length and daily styling commitment.

He also goes on to say, “Not all stylists are equally as good at all haircuts, so ask your stylist their thoughts and check their IG page for an example,” he says. After you’ve done your due diligence and learned if the type of haircut you are looking for is in their wheelhouse, you can go ahead and trust them with that next step. Feisal continues, “If you like what you see [on their Instagram], trust them and allow them to make that haircut really shine.” Although planning for a drastic haircut can take the edge off, he thinks it’s natural for you to be unsure about the results right after you go through the experience. “Wait until you have a chance to wear it and hear from loved ones before casting final judgment,” he wisely advises.

Our second pro, Nicole Fowler, Artistic Director for Beauty Quest Group, also agrees in putting in the work before you sit at your stylist’s chair. “Haircuts can be so liberating. When you’re ready, a thorough consultation is key,” she begins. Similar to Feisal, she agrees that you need to get an upfront estimate of what time commitment daily styling will take. You may feel great leaving the salon but if you aren’t able to recreate a similar style at home, you may end up hating the drastic haircut for the wrong reasons.

Ready to take the next step? Make sure to check out pricing and AVOID paying for than men for the same service!

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