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How to Tell If You Will Get a Good Haircut Even Before it Starts

Are you in need of tips for a good haircut? No crystal ball needed! Our hair pros dish on how you can predict a good haircut is on the horizon, even before the snip starts. It turns out, consultation is king. Read on for the best tips for a good haircut.

It Starts With the Consultation

Color and wig guru Guy Tang notes, “A great haircut starts with a great consultation. Communicating with your client to understand what they want will always give great results.”

Pay Attention to How a Stylist Speaks to You

“The consultation is like a gut check for the client to know if they’re in the right place or not,” shares Aveda Global Artistic Director Ricardo Dinis. “Look for someone who is listening to you rather than telling you what will work best. Masters ask more questions, then they provide answers.”

Trust Your Gut

“You should always have a consultation with your recommended hairstylist in the chair before heading to the basin,” says celebrity hairstylist David Keough. “It’s all about their touch. As soon as they touch your hair, you generally get a feeling of confidence from them. You [also] want to know how long they have been in the industry and what is their favorite look at the moment.”

Look at Their Past Work

“If I go to the salon and I really like the person’s hair cut in the chair before me, then I’m pretty confident that I’ll look just as good, if not better,” notes Kaleidoscope CEO Jesseca Harris-Dupart. “I base my judgment on the stylists’ previous work. If I was referred by someone who has a haircut I admire, I assume that it will be great.”

Looking for more tips for a good haircut? Don’t sit in the chair without asking THESE key questions!

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