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Toffee Hair Color Is Everything We Want for Fall

First came caramel brunette, then came toffee tresses, our latest fall hair color crush. The crunchy candy of sugar and butter looks just as yummy on your mane—and it’s flattering for all skin tones and face shapes. Keep scrolling to get a taste of toffee hair color.

Toffee Highlights

If your tresses are hesitant to take on full toffee, ask your colorist to weave in some pops of toffee like so.

Caramel Toffee

Another option for highlights? Some caramel toffee hair color. They’re a bit brighter than toffee highlights so they add plenty of dimension to your brunette color.

Burnt Toffee

Borderline auburn, the burnt toffee hue has fall vibes written all over it.

Toffee Cream

For brunettes who don’t want to lift their base to go blonde, consider a light toffee balayage.

Golden Toffee

When maple syrup meets golden toffee, we swoon.

All-Over Toffee

The best part about toffee? It’s flattering for all skin types. This all-over toffee hue proves our point.

Dimensional Toffee

The more dimension in your toffee mane, the more movement and shine to flaunt.

Honey Toffee

Lighter toffee pieces around the face make your facial features pop.

Chocolate-Covered Toffee

A toffee-chocolate hybrid hue has the makings of a year-round, low-maintenance mane.

Hot Toffee

Brighten up your brunette with this hot toffee hair color. It’s a great way to go lighter without it being full-on blonde.

Want to go a less traditional route with your hair color this fall? HERE is why you should opt for pearlescent blonde!

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