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Are Thick ’80s Headbands Back?

When Tom Ford sends 37 leather headband-clad models down the runway, we listen! Tom’s message for fall 2018 was crystal clear thanks to his evidently ’80s mixtape of zebra, glitter, velvet, tights and leggings. And the ’80s “Rodeo Drive” excess didn’t stop there–fishnets, oversized diamond hoops, cheetah pants and sequins further solidified the throwback mood for the show. But beyond the glitz and ’80s glamour, the one thing we couldn’t stop staring at were the leather bound updos, potentially foreshadowing that hair accessories are going to be bigger than ever for fall 2018.

“It’s supposed to look like the girls put it up themselves,” hairstylist Orlando Pita tells Vogue.com of the messy, textured updos. “Headbands are great because they automatically dress you up, but these are meant to look tough.” And that they did on the likes of Kaia Gerber and Joan Smalls whose eyes were smoked out by Pat McGrath. The statement-making moments didn’t stop with the beauty either–leave it to Tom Ford to pull in some political play with “pussy power” shoes and handbags. The result? A truly inspired show that we can’t wait to emulate!

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Are you into the idea of rock-n-roll leather headbands? Let’s talk about it below!

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