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Best Hair Trends + Colors From Paris Couture Week

It’s no fun to hold back in fashion, and Paris Couture week is a prime example of what can happen when designers aren’t afraid to take risks. Aside from being a runway bonanza, the couture shows serves as the best preview for the upcoming season–and judging by these trends winter is all about the surreal. Center parts rule for evening, the updo has made its great return, and everyone will be sporting a femme pompadour. Maybe it’s the Markle effect, but we definitely don’t want to be caught without a hat, which were a nod to the elaborate hairpieces of the 1940s. From rich brown and black tones to strawberry blonde, fall color is ultra-saturated. Because no one wants to be known as the girl who didn’t go to Paris, we’ve got your mane trend report right here.

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