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These Are the Top Hairstyles in Every U.S. State

If you’re a chief executive lurker like me, you want to know everything about everyone, up to and including what kind of hairstyles they’re searching for. We have the tea on the most popular mane looks for women and men all across the 50 nifty United States, courtesy of a study done by Shane Co. While there are a few surprises, some are very on brand. Discover the most searched hairstyle in every state for both men and women below!

The Most Googled Feminine Hairstyle in Every U.S. State

In New York, where the top searched trend is ombré. As a NY lady myself, I can tell you that everyone is always busy, meaning little time for hair appointments. Ombré is perfect for looking super cute even if you’ve delayed your color sesh by several months.

(via Shane Co.)
(via Shane Co.)

The most Googled trends are a tale of where hair is headed—Cruella hair and dreadlocks are most searched for in three states, as is pastel. Ombré is the top searched style in four states, with curtain bangs holding court in five states and balayge in six. Colorful curtain bangs, ey, America? We think there’s a chance you’ve already investigated it. Pixie hair, the long bob, high and low ponies, money pieces, and French braids all get honorable mentions as being the top sought after trends in two states.

These search stats reveal that a ’70s revival may be in the cards as women across the nation dream of updating their locks to look like one of the original muses, Farrah Fawcett. Or maybe Miley Cyrus. Miley has the bangs of the moment and we’re definitely inspired by the color, enough so to search balayage and ombré.

The Most Googled Masculine Hairstyle in Every U.S. State

On to the men. The undercut, mullet, buzzcut, French crop (I don’t know what this is), curly undercut, and afro fade came out on top. All tied at two is half-up half-down, the hi-top fade, cornrows, high fade, line-up, man bangs, pompadours, and flat tops. Guys are definitely willing to experiment because some of these styles are all loud. I mean, I guess we’re ready for the mullet to take over because it’s been a slow build getting here. And, honestly, I’m kind of excited about it.

(via Shane Co.)
(via Shane Co.)

If you’re feeling uninspired, check out what everyone in your state (or your spirit state) is searching for. From E-girl to auburn, you might just totally switch it up.

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