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TREND ALERT: Glitter Roots

From dreadlocks to rainbow hues to hair tattoos, the art of hair styling has been at an all time peak in creativity- and glitter roots are no different. Instead of touching up roots at the salon every 4-6 weeks, women are resulting to filling in their regrowth with glitter!

PopSugar Beauty, Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue, Today, Buzzfeed, Glamour, Seventeen and a myriad of other media outlets are showing how enamored they are with this trend, even dubbing this look as the look of the year for 2015.

Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Leona Lewis, and Rita Ora have debuted the trend on Instagram, red carpets, and paparazzi shots.
This is a perfect solution to camouflaging overgrown roots or if you just want to add some uniqueness to your mane!

coachella glitter part

It’s easy and inexpensive, so why not head to your local drugstore, craftstore, or large retailer such as Target or Walmart to purchase some basic hair gel and glitter. Purple glitter complements brunettes effortlessly and pink blends into blonde strands perfectly. Part your hair anyway you prefer and administer the gel and glitter with a hair color brush.

Whether you wear your mane down, in a ponytail, low bun or high pigtail buns, the glitter roots can be mastered by all. This trend is vivacious and will turn heads wherever you go. No trip to the salon needed and no commitment necessary! So go ahead and give yourself a sparkle make-over!


For more step-by-step instructions, check out A Glittered Part for Coachella.

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