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Trend Alert: Jennifer Behr is Taking Glam to Another Level

Say hello to 2021’s most dazzling take on our favorite accessories.

That’s right, 2021 is all about glam- thanks to powerhouse accessory brand Jennifer Behr. We’ve been cooped up indoors for over a year, so this we’re making a bang with a post-vaccination debut. Jennifer Behr is bringing that bang. From watercolor satin headbands to gorgeous butterfly pins, the designer’s latest collection puts all others to shame. Nothing like a little glitz and glitter to kick off a new season.

Check out Jennifer Behr’s new lookbook below!

Pretty Pins

This latest collection has one absolute standout set of accessories: pins. From gem-encrusted bobbies to playful gold butterflies, this collection has hair jewelry for everyone. The Pippa Bobby Pin Set, for example, is just ideal for adorning a braid or playing up a simple bun.

Via Jennifer Behr

Watercolor Silks

Gorgeous pleats in sumptuous shades, Jennifer Behr’s latest collection is full of headbands evoking impressionist watercolor aesthetics. Seafoam, lavendar, terra cotta – summer shades in a soft pearly fabric. We’re ready to snap up accessories like the Novella Turban pictured here.

Via Jennifer Behr

Embellished Bows

That’s right, bows are back. This understated yet eye-catching accessory has a timeless silhouette extending beyond trend. With a soft velvet foundation and an intricate, hand sewn floral design, the Meadow Bow is an absolute work of art.

Elegant Scrunchies

Scrunchies have withstood the test of time. But Jennifer Behr’s ethereal take on the classic is upending this steadfast style. Crafted from the highest quality organza this voluminous, weightless creation is breathing new life into the ponytail.

Via Jennifer Behr


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