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Trending: Retro ’60s Headbands

When it comes to accessories, we stay ahead of the game by looking back to the past for serious style inspo.

From dual barrettes to patterned bandanas, updated takes on retro staples are a major mood for summer 2020. So naturally we’re super into another old-school tress-trend: the ultra-mod headband. These large, unstructured headbands are a high-impact, minimal-commitment option for a girl on the go. Pair with teased-up tresses for a Bardot-inspired aesthetic, or side-swept fringe and a manicured chignon a la Colleen Corby. Whatever way you wear them, 60s headbands add a summer-certified pop to any ensemble.

Copy this cool-girl trend with these 10 must-buy accessories–shop our picks below!

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