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4 Reasons to Embrace Your Gray Hair

You can’t argue with the fact that natural hair, whatever that means for you, is in right now. And yes, gray hair is no exception. So, if you’re dreading the arrival of your first gray hairs, don’t! And if you’re already well on your way to full gray, stop hiding it and start embracing it. Here’s our argument on why you should embrace your gray hair ASAP.

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Gray Doesn’t Mean Old

By age 30 (or earlier, in some cases) most people are bound to have a few gray hairs. If you think you’re alone, you’re not. Unfortunately, if you’re a woman, showing any sign of aging has been drilled into you as something to avoid at all costs (take wrinkles, for example) but aging and gray hair happen to everyone so we say, why be ashamed of it? As women, we should wear our grays like a badge of honor. Sure, gray hair comes with age, but so do years of experience and expert-level knowledge. No one expects you to be 20 forever.

It’s Incredibly Chic

Thanks to the rise of both social media and hair dye techniques like balayage and ombré, gray hair hues are everywhere these days. With new names like smoke, ice, silver, or white blonde, gray is (as it should be) a staple in this growing category of edgy-colored hair. So, with that said, if you have more gray hairs than you want, why not make an appointment with your colorist and take your silver locks to a new level? Gray is not just for grandma anymore.

It’s a Signature Look

If you feel like the appearance of gray hair means you’re doomed to a lifetime of boring hair, you are so wrong. If you need a reminder, think about Iris Apfel, Daphne Guinness, or Linda Rodin. All these women are well-known style icons with signature gray hair. Their gray makes them totally unique and memorable, so take a page out of their books and don’t let gray hair be an excuse for boring. To mix it up, style it differently than you normally would, cut it short, or accessorize with colorful, playful jewelry, accessories, and bold/loud prints.

It Saves Time and Money at the Salon

Chances are, if you’re going gray and covering it up, you’re easily at the salon once a month (or every two weeks if you’ve got genetically blessed hair that grows at light speed). Letting your silvery tones shine will save you those pricey salon visits and will improve the health of your hair overall.

At the end of the day, gray is nothing to be afraid of. It may not be every day that you see a powerful woman rocking her gray hair, but that just means there’s more room for you to be the first. Remember this though—no matter what color hair you have, healthy hair always looks better, and because aging hair needs extra care to look and feel healthy, do yourself a favor and replenish your locks with deep conditioning treatments and a wash with a gray specific shampoo. Both will add smoothness and softness, and keep your color shiny and vibrant, as will using the right products for your gray hair.

Ready to embrace your gray hair? Or, do you need a little more convincing? HERE is how one beauty editor finally accepted her gray hair!

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