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3 Tricks for Styling the Front of Your Hair

In a world where time is of the essence, styling your hair in full salon mode isn’t always an option. Either you have no clue what you’re doing, you don’t know which tool to do it with, or product is a completely different language to try to decode. Let us be your guide…


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Bangs can be tricky as it’s not always a lot of hair to work with. While you may not be a hairdresser who has brushes of every shape and [extra small] size, at home a simple fine tooth comb will work just as well.

  • Use the comb to blow-dry your bangs  in a downward motion.
  • If you have cowlicks continually comb your bangs side to side specifically focusing on the opposite direction (of the cowlick) to break the growth pattern.
  • Split your bangs into 2 horizontal sections (so you’re not dealing with too much hair) and use a flat iron to lightly tip the ends under.  Keyword lightly… a too strong flick of the wrist and you’ll look like a reinvention of your 5 year old bubble bang self.

Sidenote: If you can’t get your bangs to lay right, it’s time to “train” them.  At night, bobby pin your bangs in the opposite direction of the problem area. The consistency of doing this over time will break their unruly cycle.

Triangle Framing

Hair and triangle-shaped are two words that don’t initially sound as if they go together due to the popular 80’s haircut that, unless you’re Solange Knowles you probably shouldn’t be wearing.  However, we’re talking a different shape that pertains to the sultry split that grazes the corners of the eyes.  The trick lies in the irons…

  • From the front take an inch section and wrap the hair once, away from the face, around the curling iron, with the ends left out. Really focus on the barrel of the iron as it’s shape is what will create those bends.
  • This part might sound tricky but I promise you it’s not:  From your center part wrap 1″ of hair once around the iron, then leave for 3-5 seconds and take the iron away from the hair. Now, with the remainder of the same section, use the curling iron to pass through the ends, this brings the curl down resulting in a soft relaxed curl.
  • The mane moment… use a dry texture spray for volume and a small amount of clay wax to piece out the ends.

Round Brush Blowout

The blowout… possibly the most dreaded DIY out there but we’re here to help you cheat your way through in three short steps.

  • Section the top of the head in a horseshoe shape to save for later and rough dry the bottom of the hair completely.  While the hair is still warm split into two sections, twist each section away from the face, wind down into mini Princess Leia buns and secure with a hair tie; repeat on the other side.
  • Split the top into 3 sections and blow out the middle and back section with a  round-brush.  Next, wind each down into a large barrel curl and secure with a two-prong clip.  Then, while blowdrying the front section you’ll want to really over direct the hair forward using a lot of tension as this is what creates that curved and bouncy finish.
  • Release the buns and the two-prong clips, flip your hair upside down and spray with a dry texture spray, flip back over, do a Cindy Crawford Pepsi shake and let hair perfectly fall into place.

Comment below on hair problems you need solved!… We’re here to help!

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