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I Tried One of TikTok’s Buzziest Beauty Brands—Here Are My Honest Thoughts on Their Haircare

Truly was truly made for TikTok. With its ethical ethos, natural ingredients, and colorful formulas and packaging, the brand has Gen Z written all over it. But really, though, they have some extremely appealing products—serums and scrubs for your buns and boobs? Sign us up! That said, we are a hair site, so this particular post will pertain to a review of Truly hair products.

When we had the opportunity to try a few of them, we obviously jumped at the chance. Below is what you need to know!

The Products

Super Fruit Repair + Restore Sulfate-Free Shampoo: $23

The first thing I noticed about the bottle (besides its vibrant, pinkish-red formula) was a gold-plated logo detail at the cap. That’s how all of Truly’s products are accented. When I opened the sleek, 8 oz. bottle, the whiff was as described: fruity. Of the three products, this scent was the lightest. Packed with organic coconut, argan oil, organic tea tree, and organic jojoba oil, it definitely gives off a springy aroma, which is fitting for the time of year. This is one of the brand’s more popular hair items.

(via Truly)

Super Power Hair Growth + Thickness Sulfate-Free Conditioner: $30

Truly carries a wide array of products and ingredients. Their Super Flower Conditioner is a standout, because, unlike the other two products I received, this one contains CBD (200mg), as do many of their others. Also packed with organic hemp oil, organic lavender, and organic aloe, it’s hard for me to nail the exact scent combo, but it’s definitely light. The scent smells more concentrated than in the shampoo, but still not overpowering.

(via Truly)

Unicorn Locks Repair Hair Mask: $28

A review of Truly hair products wouldn’t be complete without a mask, amirite? This product comes in a pretty-in-pink tube that will be the perfect accompaniment to your beauty counter. It does have a potent scent (more so than the aforementioned products) that reminds me of original bubble gum, which is fitting for the color theme—the formula is light pink, too. Packed with coconut oil, banana, avocado, and cocoa butter, this product aims to target split ends and dull, damaged locks when you leave it on for 20-60 minutes.

Truly Unicorn Locks Repair Hair Mask
(via Truly)

The Experience

I’ve never been one to use a conditioner and a mask in the same sitting, but everyone’s preference is different. Therefore I gave a go-to to each, combined with the shampoo, in two different washes. Both times, fresh from the rinse, my hair felt remarkably soft and easy to brush or comb through. Once air-dried and flat-ironed, my hair still had that healthy shine. The scents (even the flower one) were a little too fruity for my typical preference, as florals are more my thing. But overall, I really enjoyed my experience with these products.

Bottom Line

If we’re ranking trendy TikTok brands, I’d put Truly high on the list (well, when it comes to hair products at least). Not only is the brand’s packaging sleek and a decorative adornment to a beauty counter or shower caddy, but their products are packed with high-performing, natural ingredients, and are vegan and cruelty-free. The mid-range price point (approximately $25) seems to be the standard these days for quality haircare, so I feel like it’s on point for the market. If you’re averse to fruity aromas or you share shower products with a male, you may want to opt for something else, but the scent dissipates shortly after the rinse anyway, so it’s not too much of a distraction.

Now that you’ve read our review of Truly hair products, HERE are six additional TikTok-famous hair products worth checking out!

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