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Twee Hair Is Back!

You may have seen the term “twee” floating around TikTok and Instagram lately. Videos of people clad with heavy bangs, colored tights, retro patterns, and flats, sporting the early 2000s look that seemed to have its heyday. While the fashion of this aesthetic hasn’t made the biggest comeback just yet, the twee girl hairstyle is everywhere.

Zooey Deschanel wears the twee hairstyle she is often known for.
(via Getty)

What Is Twee?

Sweet, sentimental, cute, and quaint. Twee is often characterized as a nod to the simplicity of the late ’50s and ’60s. Essentially, it’s a modernized version of ’60s hair and fashion that was common for young indie kinds in the early aughts. Think Tumblr babes and bedroom musicians jamming out to Belle & Sebastian, She & Him, or Sufjan Stevens. When it comes to hairstyles, twee hair is usually characterized by natural color tones, long barely-there layers, and a heavily face-framing, eye grazing fringe. A perfect example of this hairstyle is the twee queen herself, Zooey Deschanel.

It makes sense to see twee hairstyles on the rise. As many people are going through shag fatigue, the next best step is to shift to twee hair. Letting your shag grow out naturally will eventually result in the twee style as both cuts have the same shape. Heavily framed around the face, major fringe, a rounded shape—the only true difference between these crops is the choppiness of the layers and texturizing. As these shaggier features grow out, most will find themselves with a very twee look.

Zooey Deschanel wears her classic twee hairstyle and twee influenced fashion to an event.
(via Getty)

My favorite thing about aesthetic styles in the early aughts was that anyone could try whatever style they wanted (for the most part). There were no hard rules about what made what aesthetic work, or who could participate in what subcultures. There was no wrong way to be twee or goth or emo or a scenester, indie or a metalhead or a wook. With that being said, if the twee aesthetic is attractive to you, don’t feel like you need to have perfectly cut brunette hair and a closet full of retro clothing—you can make it your own.

Twee Hair Inspo

Check out these twee babes for some inspiration for your twee hairstyle of choice!

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