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The Two-Toned Mullet Is This Season’s Shag

You’ve probably been seeing shags all over Instagram since, well, 2019.

But this spring, social media’s most popular haircut can take a seat. Time to make way for the two-toned mullet. A cousin to those other lovely, layered, looks this cut is choppy, edgy, and absolutely iconic. Regularly donned by major muses, from Miley Cyrus and Jane Fonda, mullets are timeless without being boring. A fine line. Mix that mane power with the two-toned trend and you’ve got yourself a 2021 vibe.

So read on to see just what the two-toned mullet trend is all about. These 6 looks are off the charts.

1. Just the roots

Pioneered by Billie Eilish, bright, bold roots really make a mullet. Ultra dark ends are the perfect addition to this two-toned masterpiece.


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A post shared by BILLIE EILISH (@billieeilish)

2. Strawberry Layers

Pink and red are a springtime combination we’re always into. Extra points if you can match your mullet to your ensemble.


3. Tri-toned mullet

We know we’re cheating a little bit with this one. Tri-tones are a terrific way to take your spring strands to the next level.


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A post shared by Rachel (@goth_egg)

4. Blonde bangs

We’re getting quasi-Dua Lipa vibes from this two-toned ‘do. With bleached fringe mixed in with super dark shades, we’re loving this alternative take on the trend.


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A post shared by Chris 提子 (@doubleq_chris)

5. Subtle Shades

We’re barely seeing double with this blonde two-toned mullet. These short, choppy, layers are made all the more marvelous by this double blonde aesthetic.


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6. Half and Half

Here’s an edgier take on an already edgy trend. Pastel pink and muted magenta make this shaggy sheer a sure winner.

7. Dual Shade Sides

Color blocking isn’t just for art and fashion. With a turquoise top and cerulean blue sides, this mismatched mullet is actually the perfect pair.

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