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ULTA Beauty Gorgeous Hair Event

Ulta Beauty Gorgeous Hair Event

At Mane Addicts, gorgeous hair is our #1 priority, which is why we were thrilled when we heard about Ulta Beauty’s Gorgeous Hair Event. The 20-day event is a great time to explore, discover, and learn about the latest and greatest hair products with amazing deals for achieving your best hair every day. If you don’t already shop at Ulta Beauty, you should. Period. Because there’s no better one-stop destination for all things beauty. Pop in for a shampoo, but treat yourself to a new blowdryer. Literally everything you could possibly want for becoming the most gorgeous version of yourself is right at your fingertips—all stores even have an in-house salon! 

The gorgeous beauty hair event (which, by the way, only lasts for three more days!!) includes crazy beauty steals up to 55% off plus seven tools you’ll love. Buy 2-get-1 on hundreds of styling and finishing products from brands like Redken and Matrix as well as complimentary hair consultations and demos from the experts in store.

So what are waiting for?! Grab a friend and go get gorgeous at Ulta Beauty!

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