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Make the Ultimate Chop With These 11 Shaggy Pixies

We pretty much contemplate getting a pixie cut at least once a year. There’s just something so alluring about this daring ‘do–so much so, celebs are always trying out the shaggy pixie cut trend.

But every Mane Addict knows that pixie cuts are not for the faint of heart. It takes some serious guts (and some super sharp cheekbones) to take on an ultra-cropped cut. So it’s no surprise that fashion’s most elite faces take the pixie plunge at least once in their career. From Audrey Hepburn’s fringed pixie to Zoë Kravitz’s choppy close-crop, every It-girl in the book has tried this trend. Now, stylists and style icons are putting a shaggy spin on this cool girl cut—and we’re obsessed. This may be the year we finally pull the trigger on the pixie trend.

We rounded up the 11 shaggy pixie cuts we’ll be dreaming about until our next salon appointment.

1. Heartthrob Layers

This voluminous pixie cut is giving us major ’80s teen dream vibes. With lots of layers and blown-out bangs, we’re over the moon for this bleached-out take on the shaggy pixie cut.

2. Pixie-Bob

Not ready for the shortest of strands? The pixie bob is an excellent in-between option for those of us looking for a drastic, but not too drastic, change. With longer, face-framing layers, the pixie-bob offers versatility galore.

3. Short Sides

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have super short sides. Keeping the lower half of the look at a buzzcut length adds a bit of edge to an otherwise laidback aesthetic.

4. Grown Out Crop

Kristen Stewart has been our go-to short hair icon for a while now. Her ultra-dark roots and platinum ends add a bit of punk rock to this longer pixie cut. This whole look is incredibly ’90s in the best possible way.

5. Sideswept Pixie

You can’t ever go wrong with a bit of sideswept fringe. Adding choppy layers into a traditional, side-parted pixie gives this whole aesthetic a moveable, modern mood. Linda Evangelista herself would be proud of this eye-catching shaggy pixie cut.

6. Sleek and Short

Did someone say soirée? Longer pixies are ideal for the red carpet. Perfectly gelled, expertly parted, and pushed back ever-so-slightly, this demure pixie is short, sleek, and super in.

7. Curly Cut

Not quite a pixie, not quite a bob. King Princess’s tousled tresses give a much-appreciated burst of texture to her shaggy short ‘do. This overgrown pixie cut highlights the singer’s natural curls.

8. Fringey Pixie

A little fringe goes a long way. Actress Joey King stunned everyone when she stepped out onto the Emmy’s red carpet with this ear-length cut. Her perfectly curled bangs give this whole ensemble a bit of a retro vibe.

9. Bronde Crop

There’s no question about it: bronde is one of this year’s hottest shade. Actress Amandla Stenberg was way ahead of the game, rocking this super short curly crop.

10. The Lowkey Mullet

The mullet has been slowly gaining popularity ever since Miley Cyrus revived the cut. We’re taking the mullet trend one step farther and a couple of inches shorter. Actress Rowan Blanchard is definitely pulling off this super shaggy, top-heavy cut.

11. Messy Bangs

From messy to manicured, actor Brigette Lundy has pretty much mastered every iteration of the pixie. Seriously, this tousled, two-toned take on the shaggy pixie is making us ultra jealous. It’s just too damn good.

There’s another combination pixie cut going around that we love. Enter, the bixie. A cross between a bob and a pixie, celebs everywhere are sporting this adorable crop. See some of our favorite styles HERE!

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