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34 Dreamy Mane Addicts-Approved Holiday Gifts

How the holidays are already here, we’ll never know. But the fact that 2020 is coming to a close is music to our ears.

However, there is one last hurdle to cross before we can bid adieu to this extraordinary year–holiday shopping. Our shopping lists are long and our pockets shallow, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream up allll the delicious hair goodies for you to peruse for yourself or someone you love.

Ahead, our entire Mane Addicts team, including our Editorial writers, Mane Addicts Creator Collective and our Editrix in Chief Jen Atkin, weigh in on our top hair picks for holiday season.

Oway Circolo Scalp Massage Brush: $24

This brush is great for a gentle head massage, it helps circulate blood flow and creates a moment of relaxation while detangling.” — Jen Atkin, Editor in Chief

Oway Scalp Brush

(via Oway)


Dyson Airwrap Styler: $499

“Being a working mom of two, the Airwrap has been a game changer. With very little time to get ready, the Airwrap is fast, efficient and makes your hair look its best! ” — Krista Burditt, Vice President

Dyson Airwrap™ styler
(via Sephora)

Virtue Healthy Hair Collection: $59

“I am forever obsessed with Virtue and this Healthy Hair Collection is a compilation of all my favorite hair products from them! The Recovery Shampoo and the Restorative Hair Mask are my go-to’s for healthy-looking strands” — Allison McNamara, Editorial Director

(via Sephora)

Olaplex Holiday Hair Fix: $60

“Everyone I know is obsessed with Olaplex, and for good reason. Their proprietary formula uses the latest in hair technology to actually reverse damage and visibly repair your hair. I love this little set with all their latest and greatest so that your giftees can get the full Olaplex effect!” — Abby Varinsky, Senior Brand Partnerships Manager

Olaplex Holiday Hair Fix
(via Sephora)

Reverie Milk: $42

“A good leave-in treatment is on every Christmas list. With nourishing ingredients like coconut and almond, this moisturizing cream is my post-shower go-to. Reverie Milk also uses 16 essential oils to craft a spa-like scent that’s just to-die-for.” — Ally Kolsky, Writer

reverie milk
(via Reverie)

SLIP Silk Pillowcases: $89

“SLIP Silk Pillowcases are one of my bedtime staples and a perfect special gift – sweeter dreams and less friction on both hair and skin 🌝✨” — Britt Sully, Mane Addicts Creator Collective Stylist and Makeup Artist

SLIP Silk Pillowcases

(via SLIP)

Ouai to Go Refillable Travel Bottle Kit: $25

There’s nothing better than being able to throw your favorite  products in a bag and go! This kit makes it easy to leave in a hurry whether you use Ouai products or another line.” — Krista Burditt, Vice President

Ouai kit

(via Ouai)

Detangling Brush for Curly Hair: $9.59

“This detangling brush makes brushing type 3 to 4 hair SO easy. The bristles are flexible and adjustable for more comfortable. Combing. Anyone with thick curly hair will benefit from this comb.” — Irinel de Leon, Mane Addicts Creator Collective Stylist

(via Amazon)

Ouai X Byredo Super Dry Shampoo: $24

“I missed the boat on this when it came out and I’m so hopeful that it comes back for the holidays! I love the Ouai Super Dry Shampoo & I love Byredo perfume so there’s no doubt that I would love this collab.” — Cassidy Tashjian, Creative Director


Ouai Byredo

(via Ouai)

The Bondi Boost Wave Wand: $58

“The Bondi Boost Wave Wand is such a fun gift, it makes it super easy to get effortless waves because of the extra large barrels!” — Amanda Lee, Mane Addicts Creator Collective Stylist


bondi Boost

(via Bondi Boost)


IGK First Class Detox Dry Shampoo: $27

” IGK charcoal detoxifying dry shampoo is a must have. It helps with the In between wash days by soaking up all the oils and making your hair look freshly washed. Perfect for our busy schedules!” — Kathleen Riley, Mane Addicts Creator Collective Stylist

IGK First Class Detox

(via IGK)

Eternally in Amber Combs: $16 – $24

“If you’re looking for something truly beautiful to gift someone for the holidays, the range of hair combs from Eternally in Amber us the perfect way to go! Love how well constructed the combs are and how gorgeous they look on my vanity.” — Cristina Giraldo, Social Media Manager


(via Eternally in Amber)

“Hair” Coffee Table Book: $95

Art books are a great source of inspiration and a look at fashion and style through history. This one will make a chic addition to anyone’s line up” — Jen Atkin, Editor in Chief

Hair Coffee Table Book

(via 1st Dibbs)


SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie: $13.49

“I love this product because it’s nutrient-rich, packed with moisture and yet still light-weight. Quite a few curl products can teeter on the edge of TOO many hydrating ingredients, to a point where your hair feels weighed down with product build up in your scalp. I’ve had this problem do to curly AND thick hair and this is the best for airy, springy curls that don’t feel too heavy!” — Shawna Hudson, Writer

Shea Moisture

(via Ulta)

Playa California Salt Shampoo: $38

Everyone needs a killer scalp scrub– and this one is amazing. Sea salt products can be a bit drying, which is so not the secret to great strands. But Playa’s California Salt Shampoo actually contains tea tree oil, so you can exfoliate your scalp and hydrate your hair at the same time!” — Ally Kolsky, Writer
(via Playa)

Gisou Honey Infused Haircare Set: $55

“Smells sweet, softens strands and looks divine perched in your shower. The Gisou line of hair products are as effective as they are indulgent thanks to honey sourced directly from superblogger Negin Mirsalehi’s family bee garden. This set is the perfect way to sample the line and find a new fave.” — Allison McNamara, Editorial Director


Gisou Honey Hair set

(via Sephora)

Bread Wash-Day Essentials Kit: $58

“This chic kit addresses the top curly hair concerns like dryness, frizz and damaged split ends thanks to their milky cleanser, conditioner and everyday gloss.” — Jen Atkin, Editor in Chief

Bread Beauty Supply

(via Sephora)

Pure O Natural Neat Braid Conditioning Gel: $9.99

“This gel is great for those who like that sleek and neat braid look! It can be used on all hair types and ages! ” — Sabrina Porche, Mane Addicts Collective Stylist

Pure O Natural Neat Conditioning Gel

(via Pure O Natural)

The Ziran Silk Scarves: $75

These sustainably made silk scarves are so versatile, you can use them as sleep wraps or as accessories.” — Jen Atkin, Editor in Chief

(via The Ziran)

Ouai Scalp and Body Scrub: $38

“Genuinely who doesn’t like a product that does double duty? I am OBSESSED with how this scrub smells and how easy it is to work into my hair.” — Cristina Giraldo, Social Media Manager
Ouai Scalp and Body Scrub
(via Sephora)

L’Ange Straightening Brush: $79

“I’ve been using this in lieu of a traditional straightener during quarantine. I love how it gives body to the roots and shape to the ends while simultaneously smoothing, and that you don’t apply so much pressure to each strand.” — Abby Varinsky, Senior Brand Partnerships

RAINCRY’s hair perfumes: $53 

“These have been a handbag staple for me since their mid-year launch. They’re bold and alluring without overpowering the senses, and they smell great on both sexes. My personal fave is Blanc. I spritz it on whenever I want to make a statement. The sprays also contain amino acids and hydrating ingredients, so they don’t dry out my hair or change its texture.” — Dahvi Shira, Writer
(via Raincry)

Tancho Stick: $12

“My saving grace! The universal product for both men & women that helps smooth flyaways & fuzzies. The scent is a spa-like, non-perfumey lavender that’s super fresh & soft. It’s also $12 so won’t break the bank.” — Cassidy Tashjian, Creative Director

tancho stick

(via Amazon)

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides: $25

“These are one of my favorite beauty secrets to gift! You can add it to your smoothies or coffee and it’s great for hair, skin, and nails!” — Amanda Lee, Mane Addicts Creator Collective Stylist

Vital Proteins

(via Vital Proteins)

AQUIS Hair Towel: $30

“You don’t know what you’re missing until you start using these fabulous hair towels. They help cut down on drying time and promote hair health. This is a must!” — Krista Burditt, Vice President

“”It’s perfect for post-shower glamming and the microfiber material really soaks up excess water before you blowdry 🙂 and it makes a great stocking stuffer!” -Samantha Flinn, Booking Agent

“This micro fiber hair turban is perfect for your strands right out the shower. It never pulls on your hair and doesn’t strip it of the moisture it needs in comparison to a terry cloth towel. It’s especially great for women with curly hair as well.” Irinel de Leon, Mane Addicts Creator Collective Stylist

AQUIS Hair Towel

(via Neiman Marcus)


Silver Tiffany & Co Baby Brush or Comb: $350

“Is it just me or is everyone & their sister pregnant right now? If you’re looking for a bougie baby gift w/ a nod to hair, Tiffany & Co has you covered.  They have several cute Silver baby brushes & also a comb w/ a cute tassel. This silver sentiment is sure to make a high class impression over the holidays or at a baby shower.” — Nicole Katsuki, Executive Assistant to Jen Atkin

(via Tiffany & Co)

 Replenish Mask From Authentic Beauty Concept: $38

“I’ve always had a tricky time finding a conditioner mask that worked for my hair, but this one is everything I could ask for. Not only is it vegan and made without harmful ingredients, it soothes and nourishes my damaged strands like no other.” — Ashley Locke, Writer

(via Ulta)

Tangle Teezer Brush: $13

“This brush is amazing for kids or even adults with 4c hair! For kids no tears and for adults no headaches! And it’s super inexpensive!” — Sabrina Porshe, Mane Addicts Creator Collective Stylist

Tangle Teezer

(via Macys)

Etsy Shears Necklace: $28

“Love this as a holiday gift for your favorite hairstylist!  Simple dainty jewelry is always in style, & with a single charm it layers well with other necklaces too. Get it, layers well… 😉 ” — Nicole Katsuki, Executive Assistant to Jen Atkin

Shears necklace

(via Etsy)

Wet Brush Pro Detangler: $13.99

“I have a thick mane and it’s curly to boot so the wet brush has changed my life. It used to take me 15 minutes to comb my hair out and it now takes 2 minutes. It’s also great for those with kiddos with tender scalps :)” — Samantha Flinn, Book Keeper

Wet Brush

(via Ulta)

It’s a 10 Haircare Miracle Leave-in Plus Keratin: $19.96

“I totally discovered this product on YouTube and it is the BEST. It’s an amazing leave-in conditioner, heat protectant and detangler to use before heat styling. Whenever I use this before flat-ironing my hair is next level shiny, smooth and frizz-free!” — SH
(via WalMart)

Amazon Velvet Scrunchies: $10

“There’s something about Velvet that just screams Fall/Winter to me, so when the seasons change, so do the fabrics of my scrunchies. They’re less damaging than hair ties, & always add an easy little oomph to a ponytail or braid. Particularly into the ones with bows/ears, for more of a tied scarf effect.” — Nicole Katsuki, Executive Assistant to Jen Atkin

(via Amazon)

Gisou Honey Hair Perfume: $83

“I can’t decide between Gisou’s Honey Infused Hair Perfume or their Honey Infused Hair Oil – they smell amazing and the products look and feel so special and luxurious. Even the boxes that they come in are so pretty and look gifting-ready.” — Britt Sully, Mane Addicts Creator Collective Stylist and Makeup Artist

Gisou Honey Hair Perfume

(via Sephora)

Hair Blinger From Target: $19.89

“Experimenting with different hairstyles isn’t something I ever did, especially not during quarantine. I bought this hair bedazzler for an article I was writing about trying various Instagram hair trends and it has been so fun to use just for the hell of it. Using it has encouraged me to step out of my hairstyle comfort zone and makes me feel like I belong in Euphoria, so there’s also that.” — AL

Hair Blinger

(via Target)

Hot Head Heat Cap: $29.95

“Via microwave, these caps provide heat to help penetrate products into your hair or scalp. I’ve used it for my hair masks with wonderful results. It also doubles (unintentionally) as a protectant when you’ve showered after freshly dyeing your locks and want to avoid getting color everywhere. I’ll wear it until my hair is close to being dry. It helps intensify natural curl, too.” — Dahvi Shira, Writer
Hot Hair Cap
(via Hot Head)

Gisou Hair Oil: $87

“I am beyond obsessed with the packaging and love that it works on so many hair types! My sister and I have completely different hair textures and we are both huge fans of this oil.” — Cristina Giraldo, Social Media Manager

(via Sephora)

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