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Uncommon Hair Oils You’ll Want to Slather on Your Strands ASAP

By now, we’ve all heard of baobab oil. The hydrating hair formula (which doubles as a hero skincare ingredient) is the latest oil to claim its status as a buzzy must-have. But when it comes to the best hair oils of recent times, there are a few lesser-known others that deserve praise.

Keep reading for our list of uncommon hair oils you’ll want to slather on your strands ASAP.

Wild Bataua Oil

Wild bataua oil is packed with Vitamin E and Omega 9 Oleic Acid. The lightweight and odorless formula is useful as a weekly treatment for healthy, shiny hair, while also serving as a skin conditioner, particularly as a natural anti-aging face serum. Candela Peru (which is showcased on the new Beautyologie fair trade hair and skincare site) boasts their Wild Bataua Oil as its hero product. Known for producing high-quality natural ingredients for global cosmetics brands and other carrier oil brands, the company promotes Amazonian conservation and sustainable employment. AKA, if you’re going to purchase this oil, this brand is worth supporting!

Batana Oil

A list of the best hair oils wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t give a nod to batana oil. While this oil has been around for quite some time, it certainly hasn’t gotten the mainstream attention it deserves. Produced by the indigenous Miskito people, who are also known as the Tawira, (“the people of beautiful hair”), this formula is extracted from the nut of the American Palm tree. It has a wide variety of uses, including hair growth, repair, reversal hair loss and scalp moisture. It even serves as a natural dye for gray and white hairs. At room temperature, it’s a smooth, brown paste, with an aroma that resembles coffee.

Rosemary Oil

When we think of rosemary, the kitchen immediately comes to mind—but oil from the fragrant evergreen Mediterranean herb is wildly beneficial to the strands. It stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss, while also soothing an itchy scalp. This is absolutely one of the best hair oils you’re sleeping on.

For more on hair oils, HERE‘s the best hair oil for you based on your hair type!

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