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We All Have Unconscious Bias–Even You, Plus 3 Other Must Read Stories This Week

Even though we’re making strides in the US with the Black Lives Matter protests that have sparked a global Civil Rights movement and a demand to end police brutality, there is still a lot of work to be done to break down the walls of systemic racism.

At Mane Addicts, the goal has always been to build community, inspire creativity and to create a safe haven for you to learn, play and be inspired. As a company, we are present, listening and learning for ways to do more with out platform.

In addition to donating to Black Girls Code, Rights 4 girls, and The Loveland Foundation, we’re committed to diversifying our content, including the stylists, writers and content creators we feature across all our platforms, along with the stories we share with you from our partners. From Black-owned businesses to support, to a piece on unconscious bias– ahead, we’re sharing four must read stories from our media partners this week

HERE are 10 ways to support the Black Lives Matter Protests outside of bail funds.

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