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5 Under-the-Radar Colorists Who Are Totally Worth Following on Instagram

Feel like your feed needs a little facelift? Breathe life into your scrolling by adding a crop of fresh new hair colorists to keep you inspired. Ahead, we’re highlighting five under-the-radar hair colorists to follow on Instagram right now—take a look!

1. Ty Galaviz

This colorist hails from Elliott & Co. salon in Arkansas, and according to her IG, blondes are her specialty. From light to dark to bleach, this hairdresser has nailed the shade to a T.

2. Erika Davies

Red is one of the toughest shades to tap into, and this colorist’s ability with the hue alone has us singing her praises. That said, mastering the tricky shade isn’t her only strength. The Louis Robert Montreal-Ouest hair professional seems to be just as savvy with blondes and brunettes.

3. Miguel Viegas

Brb… moving to Portugal! Seriously though, that may be our next stop if our hair has anything to say about it. This colorist isn’t afraid to go bold, but also has an insanely keen eye when it comes to lighter shades too. His colors are beautifully rich and blended so seamlessly together. We seriously can’t take our eyes off his feed.

4. Emmanuelle Nirina

We know good colorists exist in the states, but seriously everyone we’ve been digging on IG lately seems to be from not around here. Next case in point: Emmanuelle Nirina, from Mod’s Hair in France. We’re majorly heart-eyes over her balayage abilities and the way she takes even the most natural colors and makes them pop.

5. Amanda Kay DiMuzio

Hailing from Ohio, this colorist at Roots Salon and Wellness Spa can seriously do it all. From her vibrant rainbow hues to traditional highlights, no look is done without considerable care.

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