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Undercut Hair Tattoos = IDGAF Summer Mane-spo

Undercut Hair

If you love being wild, but are afraid of commitment, this hair tattoo undercut just may be the new hair trend for you. A refreshing take on ‘business in the front, party in the back,’ we’d be much more down to embrace this ‘do than the *gasp* mullet.

Nestled at the nape of the neck, this style in shaved down, wayy down, to a length where designs can be etched into the hair. Less committal than an actual tattoo (ouch!), this trend is perfect for the girl who can’t make up her mind, and the short length means designs can be changed every couple weeks when the hair grows out.

Undercut-Hair-Tattoo-Design Rainbow Braid Hair

And if you’re in the profesh biz, worry not because when the hair is worn down, your sneaky hair tattoo is easily disguised.


Taking over Pinterest and Instagram, variations include floral designs, stripes, diamonds, and fades.

Detailed Undercut with Blue Hair

As interpreted by Pravana Artistic Educator Meg B, the hairstyle is particularly stunning when complimented by a bold hue (denim hair anyone?!).

Sal Salcedo of Ramirez Tran Salon, (who started his career as a barber), tells PopSugar that this look can be especially beneficial for curly-haired clients (when they have a lot of hair), to remove bulk and prevent it from weighing it down.

Is this a trend you’d dare try?! Sound off in the comments below!

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