3 Commonly Overlooked Hair Products You Actually Need, According to an Expert

We all know we need a reliable shampoo, conditioner and hair mask on us at all times. But there are plenty other items we don’t even realize we should have on hand!

We reached out to Artemis Tsai, Global General Manager of SHAAN HONQ–parent company to SH-RD hair care—who broke down three commonly overlooked hair products you actually need. Keep reading for what she says you should add to your shopping cart.

Weightless Mousse
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Protein Cream

Protein creams and leave-in conditioners baby your hair and roots like no other. Letting this product melt into your hair and scalp gives you the nourishment that you need. Try out a protein cream and leave-in conditioner for one week, and you’ll notice a vast difference.

Shine Oil

A common issue that many people have is dull hair. No matter how many times one washes their hair, it still looks brittle. That’s where oils and serums come into play. These are key in adding shine to your hair and adding additional nutrients into the follicles.

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Scalp Exfoliator

Exfoliating your scalp will change your life! You’d be surprised with the amount of dead skin and bacteria living on your scalp. The exfoliator is a great way to get rid of all the gunk that you miss when washing out your hair. Your scalp is given a chance to breathe and feels overall lively. 

Why These Products Are Frequently Overlooked

These are not promoted as much as shampoo and conditioners are. Shampoo and conditioner tend to take the bulk of the advertising space but there are many other products that’ll help your hair and scalp so much more.

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Now that you know which overlooked products you should use, click HERE to find out which popular products you actually don’t need!

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