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7 Underrated Products for Natural Texture That Really Work

I speak from experience when I say that textured hair can be both a wistful dream and a total nightmare, simultaneously. I love styling my natural curls, but it’s a process that sometimes takes even longer than flat ironing. That being said, it’s all about finding the right products for your hair and really committing to that perfect coil. If you struggle to style your textured locks and could use a few new products to try out, scroll through below for my favorite hair products for natural texture.

1. Mixed Chicks Curl Sculptor: $9.99

If you’ve never heard of the brand Mixed Chicks, it’s time you fixed that immediately. As a mixed gal myself, this line really spoke to me and my poor, brittle locks. It dries fast, adds definition and feels completely weightless. Ingredients that add softness and moisture are the two most important things when choosing a product for natural texture. With lots of vitamin B, this sculptor is just what you need.

(via Ulta)

2. Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Perfect Curls Collection: $40.10

This glorious set comes with a cleansing conditioner, leave-in moisturizer, styling pudding, and refresher spray. If that’s not enough to convince you, all these bad boys are infused with agave nectar and shea to add body and shine to your tresses. It would also make a great gift (just sayin’).

(via Carol’s Daughter)

3. Pattern Beauty Leave-In Conditioner: $42

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, anyone with textured hair needs to invest in a good leave-in conditioner. This one from Pattern Beauty is the absolute holy grail mixed with the sweet fragrance of neroli, rose, and patchouli.

(via Pattern Beauty)

4. Sunday II Sunday REVIVE ME Daily Moisturizing Spray: $31

Another incredible brand that just speaks to me and my lifestyle is Sunday II Sunday. It’s designed specifically for women who are extremely active, aka, more wash days. Their products contain ingredients that restore moisture loss due to sweat, buildup, and environmental damage that can take place between washes. This daily moisturizing spray is the perfect item to throw in your gym bag that’ll fight frizz and revive your curls.

(via Sunday II Sunday)

5. My Black Is Beautiful Moisture Luxe Detangling Spray: $14.29

I’m a major advocate for Sally’s products because there are so many hidden gems that won’t break the bank. One of the most underrated is this detangling spray from My Black Is Beautiful. It hydrates and detangles using a special blend of coconut milk, turmeric, ginger, honey, and coconut oil.

(via Sally Beauty)

6. Curlsmith Curl Defining Styling Souffle: $40

Never underestimate a two-in-one moisturizer and styling gel. Curlsmith’s lightweight formula adds bounce and hold to your strands. The natural ingredients in it like avocado oil, rosemary, and flax seeds make it ideal for everyday use. It’s even perfect for braids and twist outs because it doesn’t add stickiness, crunch, or buildup.

(via Ulta)

7. Taliah Waajid Bamboo, Biotin, and Basil Curl Activator: $14.61

The ultimate coil revival, this low key product is exactly what dry, damaged natural hair needs. It activates your curl’s memory using bamboo, basil, and biotin. Most importantly, it can be used on both coarse, thick hair and finer locks.

(via Walmart)

These are by far the best products for natural texture, but you should also know how to find the best conditioner for your porosity, HERE!

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