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Unexpected Dandruff At-Home Hacks That Actually Work

Flakes should be reserved for your cereal bowl, not your hair. Not only is flakey hair embarrassing, but it is also a pain to get rid of. Instead of running to your doctor, these at home dandruff hacks can be first in your line of defense against dandruff.

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Crush Aspirin

Aspirin is anti-inflammatory and contains salicylic acid. Coincidentally, many drugstore dandruff remedies carry the same ingredient. An easy and inexpensive hack is to crumble a few aspiring tablets, mix the powder with a bit of water and apply the paste directly to your scalp. This dandruff hack should help alleviate the flakey situation.

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Start Taking a Quality Probiotic

These good-for-you bacteria pills can boost immunity and protect against allergies. With a better immune system, you are able to fight the fungus that causes dandruff. One study proved the link between probiotics and kicking your dandruff problem to the curve. Probiotics are having a moment in wellness, for good reason.

Add Omega 3s

We all know how great Omega 3s are for your diet, but now you can also use them for your scalp. These compounds have been known to treat everything from dry eye to heart conditions and adding more to your diet will help alleviate dandruff. You can up your intake of fatty fish like salmon or you can buy a supplement. Omega 3s address a dry scalp and inflammation, both culprits for pesky flakes.


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Switch Up Your Haircare Routine

When it comes to flake problems, not all products are created equal. Consider changing your hair care routine to include nourishing products that can tackle the problem at the root. A good start is an ACV wash like Wow Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo.

wow shampoo

(via Wow)

You should also add a scalp treatment to your routine. For example, Phytopolleine Botanical Scalp Treatment contains a potent blend of essential oils that deter dandruff. Containing over 4 pounds of fresh plants in each bottle, this natural scalp treatment energizes with lemon and corn oils as well as essential oils of rosemary and sage.



Phyto Scalp OIl (via Phyto)

Need more help with your flakey sitch? THESE shampoos actually work to fight dandruff!

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