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Unexpected Fall Color Trends, According to Top Stylists

A new season means a new ‘do. And we’ve got some unexpected fall color trends you’ll be dyeing (get it) to try.

We spoke with a few top-tier stylists who shared a handful of fall hair color trends that will be everywhere this year. Many of them may shock you.

So, scroll below to get acquainted with these trends and pick out the one your ready to rock all season long!

Contrast Pieces

Contrast is key this season, according to celebrity hairstylist Josh Liu.

“This fall, people are going for more bold colors with contrast to keep it playful,” Josh shares. “The contrast is key! Whether the contrast is partially placed panels of bold colors, bang contrast pieces, or underneath panels.”

Pops of Color

Josh also notes that pops of color and vibrance will make a huge appearance this season.

“Keep a lookout on strategic placement for pops of color/vibrance,” he says. “Some may even highlight with these panels for a peek-a-boo effect. The bolder the color, the longer it will last; whereas pastels usually tend to fade in about two weeks or so.”

Smokey Browns

Fall is all about the transitions. As we make our way into the new season, Josh mentions that there’ll be a focus on colors that can make the switch from summer to autumn. One of those is smokey brown.

“Cool, smokey browns will transition those with warm blondes out of the summer, especially for the girls who are tired of bleaching, highlighting, or balayaging their hair,” he says. “It’s low commitment and looks great even when grown out.”

Smokey brown is very low maintenance, which is another trend we’ll see this fall.

“This season, people will be looking for ways to change it up while also being low maintenance,” Josh shares. “With that said, I’ve seen people start to break up their grown out ombrés or blayages by adding low lights and/or highlights. This can include toning down the amount of warmth and brightness from summer and making it a low-maintenance color like smokey browns or ash bronde.”

Neutral Hues

Neutral hues haven’t been on the top of anyone’s hair trends list for quite some time. Even with natural colors, there’s always a balayage or ombré to add dimension.

Josh reveals that more neutral, natural colors are making a comeback this season.

“Many people are tired of the breakage of having blonde,” he notes. “Many will opt to go back to neutral colors. It allows for your hair to grow out and nothing is more fall (and timeless) than neutral, natural colors.”

Reverse Balayage

If a neutral hue isn’t for you, Josh shares that the reverse balayage is a great way to break up your color.

“We will definitely start to see people break up their rooted blondes and platinum colors by doing reverse balayage to add in low lights and create dimension for the fall,” he says.

Caramel Bronde

Celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan is all about he caramel bronde for fall.

“It’s perfect for welcoming in the fall weather,” she notes.

Justine shares we can also expect to see more soft chocolate browns and golden brown tones this season.

Thicker Highlights

Justine and celebrity hairstylist Iggy Rosales both mention that we can expect to see the ’90s and early ’00s hair trends come back in full force. In particular, chunky highlights will be the talk of the town.

“This year we are seeing more chunky 2000s inspired highlights and lowlights,” Justine shares.

Iggy notes that people who go for a more blended style will find the thicker highlights more appealing.

“For people that normally get natural blended colors, I think we are starting to see the incorporation of thicker, more obvious highlights and lowlights—especially around the face,” he says.

Deep Roots

Much like Iggy and Justine, celebrity hairstylist Miles Jeffries points out that ’90s-inspired hair trends will be all the rage.

“We will be seeing more ’90s-inspired colors—healthy hair that is rich, heavy, and shiny with more of a lower ombré below the chin,” he notes.

Deep roots will have their time to shine, too.

“Likewise, natural blondes will be deepening the root to create a grown out effect indicative of the ’90s,” Miles shares.

Bold Contrasts

We talked about contrast pieces earlier, but bold contrasts are also going to be big this year.

“For people wanting something bolder, we will see full panels of bright, contrasting colors like blonde and black or red and black,” Iggy mentions.

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Red Strands

Going red isn’t all that common, but Iggy is sure it will be this fall.

“I see red hair making a comeback,” he shares. “Weather that’s more of a gloss over dark hair or bright red hair, I think people will start experimenting with red for winter.”

Bold Hair Colors

Probably the most unexpected fall trend each stylist agreed on was bold hair. You would think that quarantine would push us to opt for more generic hair hues. Each stylist shares that doesn’t seem to be the case.

“People are starting to take the trend of contrasting bold colored panels (like purples, blues, and platinum blonde) and run with it,” Josh shares.

“Now is definitely the time to take a risk, especially as more of us are working from home,” Justine notes. “If there’s something you couldn’t necessarily get away with at the office, your home office is the perfect place to experiment and have fun with your beauty looks.”

“People have either been experimenting with their hair (also with wigs) at home or are coming out of quarantine and want to do something fun that makes them happy,” Iggy says. “I think we will see a return to bold hair colors again like intense reds, temporary neon hair colors, and platinum blondes.”

“Hopefully having given the hair a break and an opportunity to get healthy, people will be inspired to take a more artful and nuanced approach to color,” Miles mentions.

It’s safe to say when it comes to fall colors, it’s all about going with what makes you happy.

We know it may seem not seem like we’ve entered a new season, what with quarantine and all. If you need a little help getting into the fall spirit, we recommend using THESE six spice-scented products to do just that.

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