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8 Unusual, Stylist-Approved Hair Colors You Won’t See Everywhere This Spring

Eager to update your tresses for spring, but not sure which hue to try? We reached out to some of our fave stylists, who were kind enough to share some unexpected spring color trends that’ll look amazing on everyone. Scroll below to see which spring shade jumps out at you!

Natural Rainbow Hair

Hair colorist Savannah Harris is known for her stunning rainbow works of art. She highly suggests everyone try the rainbow trend at least once, especially during the spring season.

Savannah also understands that getting this look can be a bit pricey, which is why she always colors her clients with longevity in mind.

“Some people can only afford vivid hair once or twice a year, so I want them to be able to rock their color and still get compliments until their next appointment,” she shares.

With the year we’ve had, we think you deserve to treat yourself. So why not go bold this spring with a natural rainbow color?

Bold Rainbow Highlight

If going full rainbow is a little too daring for a spring color trend in your eyes, stylist Shelley Gregory suggests a bold rainbow highlight. This will allow you to embrace all the colors without diving into the deep end before you’re ready.

We need more rainbows in the world. If you can’t find one, be one… or, turn your hair into one.

Pastel Face Frames

We’ve seen so many iterations of the money piece this past year and we’re sure to see plenty more. Shelley believes a pastel version of the popular face frames is a spring-worthy take on the trend. And we couldn’t agree more!

Dip-Dyed Ends

This may be our favorite unexpected spring color trend to try, which comes to us from color specialist Amy Clark. She sees dip-dyed ends being a huge hit for spring.

Amy shares that “playing around with colors on the ends, either pastel colors or bright colors,” feels right on target for the season’s aesthetic.

Platinum Blonde With Dark Panel Underneath

On the flip side of the color above, Amy is all about the ’00s reboot of platinum blonde with darker strands underneath.

“I am seeing a lot of all over platinum blonde with a big dark panel underneath,” she shares. “We have been enjoying recreating this 2000s vibe. I have been channeling my teenage self to get these looks right and I have to admit, when done on the right person, they are really cool.”

Cool Spring Colors

Really want to hop into the spring spirit? Hairstylist Quyen Tran suggests opting for a cool spring color over a warm blonde or low-maintenance balayage.

“This would be a bold solid bleach out with a tone ranging from a soft blush pink to a more color-blocked style with cooler tones or even cool and warm tones,” she says of the style.

Lived-In Blonde

Brightening your strands with bold or pastel hues isn’t for everyone. That’s why hair colorist Philip Davila suggests a lived-in blonde shade.

“We’re getting away from the really bright all-over blondes and moving into the more lived-in golden caramel, even opaque-toned blondes,” he notes. “Focus on the money piece and the ends, and less blonding in the crown for more dimension.”

Light Tips on Curly Hair

Philip loves the idea of lightening curls with some light tips. He shares that rose gold tones are a great spring color that’ll liven up every type of curl.

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