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8 Unexpected Things That Cause Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair happens to the best of us. Some of us deal with it regularly, while others suffer from more unpredictable encounters. There are a number of common culprits that create an optimal environment for frizz to thrive, though there are a handful of unexpected things that cause frizzy hair. We’re here to discuss the latter.

Below, we rounded up a few things you might not have known cause frizzy hair. Keep scrolling to find out what they are and how to stop them!

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1. Your pillowcase.

Getting your beauty sleep is important, and we do mean that literally. Your cotton pillowcase may be the reason you wake up with frizzy hair every morning. What happens is that when you’re tossing and turning at night, that causes friction. This friction can further damage your strands. Be sure to invest in a silk pillowcase, so your hair is cared for even when you’re asleep.

2. Your hairbrush.

Have you been using the same hairbrush for years? You may not think it’s worth getting rid of, but your hair sure does. Investing in the right brush can help you better manage your frizz. Brushes with boar bristles tend to be the most recommended for those with frizzy hair, as they can add moisture back into your strands. Consider this your sign to toss your current hairbrush and upgrade to a new one.

3. Your hot styling tools.

Styling your hair is always fun, especially when you see the end result. But, we hate to break it to you, using hot styling tools too often is another unexpected thing that causes frizzy hair. This includes blowdrying your strands once you’re done washing them. Try to limit how often you use heat in your hair routine. And if you absolutely must, don’t forget to apply a heat protectant.

4. Washing your hair with scorching hot water.

At the end of a long, stressful day, there’s nothing more relaxing than a nice hot shower. However, that scorching hot water is doing a lot more harm than good for your hair. Drenching your hair in hot water strips it of its natural oils, which depletes its moisture. When your hair isn’t moisturized properly, frizz will take over.

5. Washing your hair too often.

Another unexpected cause of frizzy hair is washing your hair too often. Wait, isn’t washing your hair a good thing? Yes, though washing it too often is fairly damaging. Most stylists recommend washing your hair no more than two to three times a week to give it a chance to breathe.

6. Towel-drying your hair.

That towel you use to dry your body after a shower shouldn’t also be the same one you use to dry your hair. We’ve all done it, so don’t feel bad. Wet hair tends to be very fragile, so using it to roughly dry your strands is going to cause damage and breakage. Rather than using a regular towel, switch to a microfiber one.

7. Playing with your hair.

Just as playing with your hair can cause it to become extra oily, it can also increase frizz. This goes back to the increase of friction on your strands we talked about earlier. The more friction on your hair, the more likely frizz will make an appearance. Stop messing with your hair!

8. Not using the right haircare products.

Using the right haircare products for your specific needs is of critical importance. If you aren’t using the correct products, your strands will suffer. We know that sounds dramatic, but it’s unfortunately true. Make sure you’re aware of your hair’s needs and shop for products accordingly. A little research will go a long way, namely when it comes to taming frizz.

If we can recommend one product to tame your frizz, it’s THIS $10 frizz-fighting hair balm.

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