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What Makes a Product Unisex, and Is There Really a Difference?

If you’ve used your significant other’s bathroom products, you’re not alone. Sometimes it’s out of convenience, and other times we just really like the way a certain item smells or feels—but wouldn’t it be so much easier if you used products designed for both of you?

unisex hair
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That’s where unisex hair care comes into play. We’ve always wondered why some products are geared toward a specific gender, whereas others are more neutral. Are their ingredients different? Scents? We know by now that fragrance can be unisex – heck even Megan Markle work a unisex fragrance on her wedding day.

To gain some insight, we reached out to William Whitlock, the chemist for unisex beauty brand, Pura D’or. Keep reading for what he had to say!

Mane Addicts: What makes up a hair product that’s geared specifically toward women or toward men?

William Whitlock:
Healthy hair is healthy hair no matter if it’s on a male or female’s head. Because of this, the main ingredients that support hair health are very similar across all products. Typically the biggest difference we see is in scent and fragrance, which are geared towards different preferences for men and women. Also, we often see that women have a stronger preference towards products that feature naturally-derived ingredients, so hair products for women may be more likely to include natural ingredients.

MA: What factors contribute to a product being labeled ‘unisex’?

WW: Since the main difference between men’s and women’s products is usually fragrance and bottle appearance, the biggest factors that make a product unisex is a neutral fragrance, or none whatsoever, as well as more gender-neutral packaging. We rarely, if ever, see a difference in the main, baseline ingredients that go into the product.

MA: Will a product geared toward women have a different effect if used on men (or vice versa)?

WW: Typically not. Again, usually the only major difference that will exist between a product for men or women is the fragrance. However, a product that’s made for men can still be used by women, and vice versa. Really, the only reason we see anyone not using a product made for the opposite sex is they find the scent undesirable. 

MA: Is there anything else you’d like readers to know about unisex skincare or Pura D’or in particular?

WW: While many other brands use a synthetic fragrance for their product scents, the fragrance used in Pura D’or products comes from natural sources, such as essential oils. We choose this specifically to ensure our customers are receiving a quality, natural product from top to bottom.

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