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This Gloss Treatment Left My Hair the Shiniest It’s Ever Been

Keeping color fresh is one of the biggest hurdles of hair care. However, if you don’t want to trek to the salon every six weeks (or over-process and potentially damage your locks) a gloss treatment is an often forgotten-about pro-approved way to preserve your current color and maximize shine. Although you want to keep your mane as glossy as your lips, it’s counterintuitive to unnecessarily saturate your hair with chemicals.

Unwash Hair Gloss Treatment
(Image Source: Unwash)

Thankfully, Unwash is offering the best of both worlds with their Color Intensifying Gloss Treatment which heightens color sans chemical overload. Made with prebiotics, including lactobacillus ferment, and nature’s helpers like shea butter, rose, and peppermint, Unwash is a happily gentle solution.

My mane before the gloss treatment.

Unwash Hair Gloss Treatment

Dealing with faded color and trying to avoid the drabness synonymous with in-between treatment hair, I decided to try Unwash’s Gloss Treatment myself. I applied the product to dry hair first thing in the morning, combing through from roots to ends. The instructions note that the formula can be left on anywhere from 10 minutes to 45 minutes—the longer it sits the more intense and noticeable the treatment will be. Users online claim to have left it on for a whole hour and loved the results—since the product isn’t abrasive, you don’t need to worry about it causing breakage if it sits for slightly longer than recommended.

After applying a generous amount of the gloss and making sure it’s totally worked in, I leave it to soak into my cuticle for a little over a half-hour, while my hair is left down. The smell of the gloss treatment isn’t overpowering but is definitely sweet—there’s no doubt that Unwash uses botanicals and flowers to help you achieve your hair goals—I feel like I’m in my own personal morning garden. Having tried my fair share of at-home treatments that seem easy but can actually be over-the-top, I was grateful that this really was as simple as apply, go about your biz, and rinse—there wasn’t even a shower cap involved.

Working the product in with a comb from roots to tips.

Unwash Hair Gloss Treatment

Immediately after making sure the gloss is thoroughly rinsed out of my mane, my strands felt softer and seriously looked shinier. Not only was my hair more manageable than when I woke up, but the gloss basically doubles as a conditioning treatment. My color was heightened to an unexpected level, which is not easy considering that hair dyed darker will always skew lighter. Unwash works for all hair types, but the range takes anyone with a curl pattern into special consideration, because we experience breakage at extreme levels and, thinking our curls are stronger than they are, often do the most (when the least is probably more than enough).

After the treatment and feeling way glossier.

Unwash Hair Gloss Treatment
Unwash Hair Gloss Treatment

Unwash’s Color Intensifying Gloss Treatment goes a long way. Recommended use is just once every two to four weeks to keep up shine and extend the length of your regular color service. Seeing is believing and after these results, I’m sold—I’l; def have to swap a wash day for an Unwash day, bi-monthly or once a month.

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