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NEED TO KNOW: How to up your Hair Game for 2016

Are you considering your hair game when making that new years resolutions list? We’ve compiled a few things for you to consider adding to your list of resolutions in order to amp up your hair game in 2016. These classic techniques, tools, and tips will equip you to take your basic DIY styles to the next level.


hot rollers

This is a classic technique to achieve a timeless look. You can use hot rollers at night, or your marcel curling iron to pin each curl into place. Let your curls sit while hot and give them time to cool down while you do your makeup, get dressed, or do things around the home. Using your Mason Pearson to brush out the set will turn the hair into soft touchable waves. This simple technique is a relatively easy way to achieve a very glammed up red-carpet worthy style on your own time. 

Try T3’s Voluminous Hot Roller Set or their Twirl Ceramic Marcel irons, with a grip to hold on at the tip of the iron.


Blowdrying hair

Knowing how to properly blow out your own hair is a key component to stepping up your hair game. A blow out can give you any style you could possibly want – straight, wavy, smooth, or voluminous. The blowdryer is a tool that puts you in full control of directing the heat on your hair, and heat is what manipulates and changes the hair. Whether you are directing hot air up at the roots, smoothing out your frizzy curls, or practicing your round brush technique to get bouncy waves, this is worth putting the time and effort into. You’ll use this skill for the rest of your life, we promise!

Try a lightweight blowdryer like the T3 Featherweight while you practice to keep from getting achy arms. 


Sazan Henrix Straight Hair

A good flat iron is one of those multi-purpose tools that can help you achieve various looks. Knowing how to use this tool for different means is a sure way to amp up your hair game. You can use a back and forth tilt of the wrist for a broken-in wave; you can roll it around like a curling iron for an imperfectly lived-in curl; you can run it over your braids to lock in a natural crimp; you can smooth over the ends of your hair whether they’re up or down to give a more polished look and feel to your style. 

Right now we’re loving the new Movos Wireless Styler from Amika. It’s the perfect tool to take on the go for touch ups! 


french twist tutorial step 2

Doing something as easy as breaking your hair down into sections can make a lasting difference. Using a tail comb or the edge of your clips to take clean partings in front of the ears, at the base of the crown, and the back of the head will help emphasize the attention to each given area. Sectioning enables you to direct the hair in different directions (especially if you have pesky cowlicks) but also helps when it comes to styling your hair. Working in an organized fashion will appear in your finished style. 

Try Harry Josh’s pro styling clips to hold back mass amounts of hair and YS Park’s 101 or 102 heat resistant tail combs. 



Accessories are the finishing touch to any look. It can be a headband, a set of strategically placed bobby pin, a piece of leather wrapped around your ponytail, or tattoos skimming the surface of your braids. This is the detailed piece of any style that amps up your hair game by showcasing your individuality. The accessories you use are a reflection of your personal style and can tie an entire look together. Consider some of these cool girl accessories

No matter which of these steps you choose to work toward in the new year, we’re confident it will take your hair game next level. And a good can of hair spray, like Shu Uemura’s Sheer Lacquer Finishing Spray, is a best friend to support you throughout it all.

Tell us in the comments below which technique or tool you’re most likely to add to your repertoire in the new year!

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