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How To: Upside Down Braided Updo

Who doesn’t love a look that’s oh so simple but looks like it took all day? This glamorous updo will have everyone wishing they had opted for a party in the back hairstyle. Pair with a low back dress and long chain, and you’ve got yourself an edgy and chic hairstyle all in one. For those of you wishing to try this look for your New Year’s Eve festivities, just follow the steps below.





1. Start by using a generous amount of mousse through hair then blowdrying through to create grit and hold.

2. When hair is 100% dry, brush through then clip away a U-shaped section from hairline to hairline through the crown of the head.

3. Flip head upside down and create a regular french braid from the nape of the neck through to the clipped away section gradually adding pieces from the sides and front as you work your way up the head. Secure with an elastic when finished.

4. Release the clipped section and decide how you would like to wear the front. For a slicked back look, gather hair and secure with another elastic next to the first one. For a voluminous pompadour front, dust roots with Dust It, tease, and use French pins to secure.

5. Lightly tap Dust It through remaining hair, gently backbrush to create texture, then twist and secure with French pins for piled on top knot. Mist hairspray on your palms to smooth any flyaways to finish.



French Hair Pins

These tiny pins can do wonders to secure hair just the way you want it, where bobby pins can sometimes be a little too obvious.


Schwarzkopf Dust It Hair Powder

This magical powder creates pliable texture in the hair allowing you to build body, hold, and create architectural masterpieces.


Oribe Surfcomber Mousse

For tousled piecey texture.


2 minutes

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