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BLOGGERS WHOSE HAIR WE LOVE: Urban Bush Babe’s Cipriana Quann

We have a serious hair-crush on beauty and lifestyle blogger Cipriana Quann. The co-founder and editor-in-chief of popular blog Urban Bush Babes has helped carve out a space for natural hair within mainstream beauty media. Since launching her blog just a few years ago, Quann has managed to garner thousands of followers, as well as influence modern culture with her unique and stellar style. Beyond her blog, the New York-based entrepreneur has been featured as the face of several brands including Gap, Asos, Wet N’ Wild, Cotton, and others.  A fashion, beauty, and media darling, Quann is a true example of a powerhouse millennial.

Cipriana Quann Natural Hair

While her accomplishments alone are inspiring, perhaps the most awe-inducing thing about Quann is her gorgeous mane! Her massive top knots and larger-than-life side ponytails have captured the attention of countless publications like Refinery29, The Coveteur, and, fashion’s most elite, Vogue — to name a few.

Cipriana Quann Natural Hair

Doubling the dosage of epic beauty, Quann shares amazing genes with her identical twin sister, singer and songwriter TK Wonder. Together, the duo have graced the pages of Vogue, Conde Nast Traveller, and W Magazine (not to mention, landed on several best-dressed lists).  The ladies are also signed to IMG Models, because obvs!

Cipriana Quann

The twins may be identical but their hair isn’t. TK Wonder, who wears her hair down, has been natural for far longer than Quann, who restarted her natural journey eight years ago. In a UBB blog post, Quann explains the difference between their textures, as well as answering the common question about their incredible kinky tresses — yes it is all theirs! Quann frequently updates her site with her beauty secrets that help keep her hair long, healthy and strong.

Through her style and work, Quann makes it known that her mission is to inspire women to appreciate their individuality. In Vogue’s My Life in Vogue web series, the blogger confessed “being secure with who I was, was actually a visual transformation.” She explained how the bigger and more unique her hair was, the more comfortable she was. It’s all about being true and most importantly embracing “you.”  Quann’s refreshing and off-beat style is as organic as her favorite hair products. May we all be as authentic and cool as she is.

Who’s cool in your book?  Sound off below, and let us know which blogger we should feature next in this series!

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