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4 Fuss-Free Vacation Hairstyles for Natural Hair

When you’re on vacation, the very last thing you want to deal with is your hair. Vacay is a time for maxin’ and relaxin’, not detangling and mane handling. Can you imagine having to re-twist your hair every night while you’re away, leaving you less time for fun? Ditch your night routine and opt for easy, fuss-free, low-maintenance hairstyles for the ultimate vacation experience. Plus, if you’re headed somewhere tropical, you may find the following styles sand-proof. You’re welcome.  


solange box braids

Ah yes, the simple classic protective hairstyle, box braids. Not only will these tightly woven locks keep sand at bay, they’re also super cute! Box braids are easy to maintain and aren’t as frizz-prone as twists. They also make for great different updos to don while away.



lesley cornrows freshlength


Another classic! Sure we rocked them all through grade school, but cornrows will never go out of style. This low-maintenance look is perfect for sports, water activities, and other action-packed adventures your vacation may involve. Whether you do a basic straight back cornrow or rock a fancy designed braid, you’ll be one of the chicest ladies at the resort.



goddess braids

If you simply can’t deal with sitting in the salon chair for a couple hours of braiding (trust us…we get it), go for goddess braids. This chunky cornrow hairdo takes less time to create and is super glam for any destination.




You can totally skip the salon all together and just don a beautiful headwrap. Instead of doing your actual hair, you can keep switching up your look by wearing a new headwrap each day. Plus, headwraps protect your hair from the harsh sun, wind, sand, and other bothersome elements.

Of course there’s plenty more vacay hairstyles that can be added to the list. But we want to hear from you! Let us know your go-to vacation style in the comments below.

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