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MANESPIRATION: Valentino Couture Fall 2015 (It’s All About the Crown!)

Valentino Couture 2015 Crown

An enchanting display of gorgeous embellishment made it’s way down the runway of Valentino’s Fall 2015 couture show. Stunning models wearing an array of gorgeous gowns from the collection, their beautiful manes adorned with gilded crowns. The show was a rich, decadent display of couture greatness.

Valentino Couture 2015 Crown

Hair stylist Guido Palau created the perfect looks for the models, staying true to the “Mirabilia Romae” theme of the show. Whimsical gold crowns created the perfect mood for the romantic couture show. Palau complimented the romance of the collection with soft, understated hair so as not to over powers this fall’s must have hair accessory: The Crown!

Valentino Couture 2015 Crown

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