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Can a Vampire Scalp Facial Cure Your Hair Loss?

Sure, we’ve all heard of the famed vampire facials and frankly, can’t shake the image of a bloody Kim K off. To take it one step further, a few doctors have started experimenting with vampire scalp facials and their patients swear by the hair growth results. What is a vampire scalp facial and how does PRP (or platelet rich plasma) help with hair loss?

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First things first, what is PRP?

Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP for short is a process started in the 80s by which doctors draw out your blood, spin it and then reinsert a more platelet rich version back into your body. The process gained fame as a facial and bloody faces all over our Instagram feed peeled back the curtain on the process for a lot of us. Besides beauty procedures, PRP is also being used to treat pain and chronic tendon injuries for athletes.

How does a Vampire Scalp Facial Work?

In PRP for hair loss, a patients blood is drawn, spun and re-inserted in the scalp. Most doctors and dermatologists suggest doing up to three treatments a few weeks apart each. The blood is spun by a machine called a centrifuge. This machine will help separate the blood from your arm into three layers, platelet rich plasma, platelet poor plasma and simple red blood cells. The platelet rich plasma is put into a syringe and injected into the parts of your scalp that need hair re-growth.

Is this treatment for me?

Because it is your own blood being used for vampire scalp facials, you are at a very low risk of contamination or disease. That being said, certain past diagnoses may disqualify you as a candidate for PRP. These include cancer and thyroid disease as well as histories of drug or alcohol abuse. As always, check in with your doctor and discuss your options before moving forward. When picking a provider, check their online history and ask to see images of past patients who underwent the therapy. They typically have before and afters that show hair growth.

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