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MANESPIRATION: Vanessa’s Boho Waves are Back

We were shocked when the bohemian queen herself, Vanessa Hudgens, traded in her signature mermaid waves for a chic blunt bob last March. But it looks like Vanessa was hit by the nostalgia bug because she was spotted leaving LA’s Nine Zero One Salon last week flaunting a new ‘do that even Rapunzel would envy. vanessa hudgens 901 salon extensions The co-owners of the upscale hair hotspot are Riawna Capri and Nikki Lee, and they also happen to be the extension experts behind Vanessa’s enchanting transformation. vanessa hudgens 901 salon extensions Her sultry new look is dripping with layers and length, so much so that her raven colored curls actually hang all the way down to an understated belly button ring to complete her carefree style! This updated look is a bold style choice for summer and we love her #longhairdontcare attitude. vanessa hudgens 901 salon extensions When it comes to hair, we love Vanessa’s fearless perspective and her willingness to try any trend. Are you as inspired as we are?! If you’re thinking about making a major adjustment to your mane, look for our upcoming spread on extension makeovers with stylist Sarah Conner for all you need to know to rock this look!  


What do you think of Vanessa’s return to boho waves? Let us know in the comments which hairstyle of hers is your favorite!

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