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This Clean, Vegan Shampoo Gives ‘That Super Clean Feeling’ and Doesn’t Weigh Down My 2A Hair

Okay look, I’ll be honest. I am 100% a shampoo and conditioner snob. As someone who prides themselves on using almost entirely clean beauty products–from my MARA skincare routine, my home products and makeup–hair shampoos and conditioners have always been a category I struggled with to find something that really works.

A little about my hair type. I’d say it’s 2A hair–you can read more about it here–and it’s very long, one length, dyed a rich red hue, is very thick and coarse. I am lucky in the sense that my hair is healthy and dense, but an issue I have with most hair washing products is that the ones targeted for my hair type always tend to go greasy or weigh down my hair, making it look super flat.

I have tried so many clean shampoos and conditioners, and I’ve found a few that I don’t mind, but I haven’t hit that huge home run hair product. That is, until I tried the Vegamour GRO Revitalizing Shampoo & Conditioner Kit ($96.00).

According to their website, the Vegamour GRO Revitalizing Shampoo is, “enhanced with clinically proven plant actives and our proprietary Karmatin™ (the first-of-its-kind vegan keratin), this clean, color-safe duo was made to bring you your shiniest, healthiest hair yet.” I love how this shampoo gives you a nice, good suds but doesn’t strip my hair color and gives me that super fresh clean feeling I am always craving. I massage this shampoo into my scalp for about a minute and then rinse clean. After a few weeks of use (I wash my hair about 3-4 times a week), I definitely began noticing stronger, healthier hair.

Vegamour GRO Revitalizing Shampoo: $42

via Vegamor

Now onto the conditioner. The Vegamor GRO Revitalizing Conditioner is the true standout for me. Formulated with their proprietary Karmatin™️ (made from b-SILK™ vegan keratin) to deeply nourish and restore damaged follicles and powerful phyto-actives that sink into the surface of the scalp to promote visibly thicker, fuller and stronger looking hair. You apply this conditioner to both the scalp and ends, which I was worried would weigh my hair down, but I was happily surprised after the first use. Not only did my hair look soft and clean, it was so so shiny.

Vegamour GRO Revitalizing Conditioner: $42

via Vegamor

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