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Vegamour’s New Supplements + Probiotics Help Me Feel Beautiful From the Inside Out

I am no stranger to Vegamour. As a vegan of nearly 11 years (yes, I am better than you), I’ve relied on the hair wellness brand to keep my strands strong. And recently, I’ve been using them a lot more often. I’ve been stressed out to the max, and that tends to do a number on my locks. I’m a big fan of the company’s GRO Hair Serum and GRO Biotin Gummies. So when Vegamour reached out to me about reviewing their new GRO WELL Hair Boost Supplement Powders + Probiotics, I jumped at the chance. I don’t think I responded to an email faster in my life.

Below, I broke down some key things to know about Vegamour supplements and probiotics, along with my review of the product.

About Vegamour GRO WELL Hair Boost Supplement Powder + Probiotic

Like most Vegamour products, the purpose of these supplements and probiotics is to help you achieve thicker, fuller, longer-looking hair. Not only that, they’re intended to help support a healthy gut microbiome to treat your biggest hair issues from the inside out.

The powders are all carb-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, and contain six of the most hair-beneficial plant-based adaptogens, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. These powerful ingredients are fantastic for your hair’s health and, also, your mood. Each of the four flavors (Cacao, Mixed Berry, Matcha, and Peach Mango) offers their own additional benefits: Cacao can help to reduce blood pressure and improve blood flow with flavonoids; Mixed Berry should be your go-to if you’re hoping to reduce inflammation; Want to enhance your immunity? Peach Mango’s vitamin C-packed blend is here to help; if you’re looking to boost your metabolism while detoxifying your mind and body, sip on the Matcha flavor. Your hair will be healthy and so will, well, everything else.

Add your chosen flavor to 8oz of water or even a smoothie to reap its benefits. Vegamour notes that for maximum absorption, you should take these supplements with a lipid such as nut milk or nut butter.

Are you already using other Vegamour products? Wondering if you can enjoy the supplements and probiotics in tandem? Good news: you can. In an Instagram comment, Vegamour noted that “our supplement powders do help to boost the efficacy of our topical formulas by optimizing your internal ecosystem against many of the underlying root causes of poor hair health.”

Vegamour GRO WELL Hair Boost Supplement Powder + Probiotic flavor packets
(I really thought I did something with this product shot)

Vegamour GRO WELL Hair Boost Supplement Powder + Probiotic Review

I received two of each flavor in a sample pack from Vegamour to try. Because I loathe making smoothies, I opted to mix the powders in water each time. I didn’t have nut milk and didn’t feel like getting any—whoops! I will say, each flavor tasted great mixed with only water, which was a pleasant surprise. Not all powder supplements taste great mixed that way, which is why many blend them in a smoothie to mask the flavor with scrumptious fruits and veggies. But I was feeling bold, so I used only water.

As a matcha enthusiast, that was the flavor I was most excited to try. Obviously, I started with that one. It did not disappoint. I mixed myself a glass later in the afternoon on a Monday when I was feeling somewhat rundown. Maybe an hour or so after consuming the beverage, I did notice an extra pep in my step. It was just the kick I needed to get through the rest of the day.

GRO WELL Hair Boost Supplement Powder + Probiotic Matcha flavor mixed into a clear glass of water
(At least I nailed this shot… I think)

This midday mood boost was supplied by every mixture I chugged down this past week. I didn’t have to rely on an extra cup of joe to increase my energy levels like I usually do, which was fantastic, because it also helped me go to bed at a more reasonable hour.

Every flavor was also so delicious. Again, sometimes supplements aren’t the best tasting, but these definitely were. My favorite ended up being the Cacao because it tasted just like hot chocolate—so yummy!

Because I didn’t try the supplements for very long, I’m not sure how well they improved my hair. I’d need to guzzle down a few more powder drinks before I really noticed a difference. But given my positive past with Vegamour, I don’t doubt that using their 30-day supply of the supplements and probiotics would offer the results I was hoping for. What I do know for sure is that they made me feel good, and that’s one of the most important things to me.

If you’d like to try out these wellness boosts yourself, you can purchase your very own pack for $68 here.

Want to learn more about how gut health and hair health are related? Find out HERE!

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