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It’s Time to Add Vegan Silk Peptides to Your Haircare Routine

Every day, I come across an interesting haircare ingredient that piques my interest. I then go down a rabbit hole of research trying to learn everything there is about the ingredient and why it’s so beneficial. The latest ingredient that captured my attention is vegan silk peptides. Scalp and haircare brand Monpure features the peptides in their shampoo and conditioner formulas, along with a few other products. The ingredient is produced via a process of fermenting plant starch and acts as a “second skin” for the scalp and hair follicles. They even boast a long list of benefits, including regenerating the structure of chemically damaged hair, preventing premature color fading, shielding against pollution, and so much more.

I went straight to the source to learn more about the peptides. Founder and CEO of Monpure, Nate Bigger, was kind enough to answer my extensive list of pressing questions about their star ingredient. Discover everything you need to know about vegan silk peptides below and read about my experience with them below!

Why Vegan Silk Peptides?

I was curious why Monpure chose to highlight this ingredient of all ingredients in their shampoo and conditioner. Nate shared they’re perfect for the brand “because they cultivate, protect, and strengthen the hair and scalp environment for maximized hair growth.” He continues, “At Monpure, we emphasize results-driven, high-performance plant actives that promote a healthy scalp and healthy hair. And vegan silk peptides are emblematic of the level of efficacy that is fundamental to our brand. This ingredient is pioneering, luxurious, and rare, and delivers scientifically proven results that are second to none. Moreover, as sustainability is a central ethos at Monpure, vegan silk peptides are completely compatible with this, as they are yielded from fermented vegetable starch with no animal-sourced compounds.”

How Are the Peptides Created?

If you’re curious as to how this ingredient is made, you’re not alone. I wanted to know exactly what went into creating them. And wow, did Nate deliver. “The starting point is a natural carbon source, such as sugar cane, beet, or starch that is put through a process of fermentation using biotechnology. This produces a pure, silk protein from which vegan silk peptides are derived.”

Sounds simple enough. But what really stands out is the sustainability of this process. “The manufacturing process requires less energy, fewer raw materials, and generates less waste than traditional silk peptides from silkworms. It is a completely vegan, sustainable, and biodegradable ingredient.” Not many companies can boast that.

But What Makes Them Beneficial for the Strands and Scalp?

Now that the formalities are out of the way, it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty of this ingredient. What makes it so beneficial? Why should it be a staple ingredient in my haircare routine? Turns out, there are a number of reasons why vegan silk peptides are so good for your hair and scalp. We’ll let Nate take it away.

“The benefits of vegan silk peptides are boundless,” he starts. “Their film-forming properties deliver a physical and breathable ‘second skin’ to the hair and scalp. This delivers a robust barrier function against external aggressors such as pollution, sea or chlorinated water, irritants, and bacterial adhesion. In fact, vegan silk peptides improve carbon particle removal up to 26%. Additionally, the significant protective properties of this ingredient improve hair color protection by 35%, as well repair thermal damage by 72%. The application of vegan silk peptides yields scientifically proven results and fosters a stronger, healthier, and more resilient scalp and hair environment. Vegan silk peptides also improve the hair’s smoothness and shine, leaving it silky to the touch. This star ingredient can be found in abundance in our Strengthening Silk Protein Shampoo and Strengthening Essence-Conditioner, as this foundational pair will bolster the strength of the hair with every use.”

Do the Peptides Work for All Hair Types?

There’s no denying the allure of the endless benefits this ingredient offers. Still, I was worried it wouldn’t work for all hair types. Nate assuaged my fears by noting these benefits work for every type of hair out there. “As the ingredient delivers a breathable, protective, and lightweight barrier to the scalp that doesn’t create buildup, it improves the structure and strength of all hair types and textures—fine hair, wavy hair, curly hair, and coily hair. Those with thermally damaged hair or colored hair will certainly revel in the benefits of vegan silk peptides. However, hair of any condition will experience wonderful results,” he shares.

How Can You Get the Most Out of This Superhero Ingredient?

Now that we know it works, what’s the secret to making sure it continues to do its job? Nate emphasizes the need to regularly use products with the ingredient in your routine. Doing so will “provide physical protection against an array of environmental aggressors while rebuilding existing damage. With every use, vegan silk peptides have been shown to enhance strength and resilience into fine, weak, damaged, or treated hair.”

What’s One of the Biggest Misconceptions About Vegan Silk Peptides?

Nate notes that as beneficial as the ingredient is for your hair, its scalp benefits are often overlooked. “There is a massive misconception that ingredients, such as vegan silk peptides, purely target our locks,” he says. “However, at Monpure, scalp health is central to our fundamental philosophy. We carefully select ingredients that will foster a healthy scalp and hair environment, as we understand that the scalp is the root of healthy hair.”

The peptides are incredibly helpful for maintaining a healthy scalp. Nate shares that their “breathable barrier function protects the scalp from aggressors that may exacerbate irritation or inhibit hair growth. They also hold a fixation effect that enhances the sustained release of active ingredients, making them longer lasting.”

My Experience Using Monpure

The Monpure team graciously sent me their Strengthening Silk Protein Shampoo, Strengthening Essence-Conditioner, and Nourish and Stimulate Scalp Mask to test out on my strands. I was so excited to give these products a test drive after learning about how beneficial they are for my hair and scalp. Though I tend to highlight the importance of scalp care for others, I often forget it myself. That’s one major reason I was eager to use Monpure, because they bring scalp care into the equation with all their products. That, and I had conveniently run out of shampoo and conditioner by the time the products arrived. How serendipitous!

vegan silk peptides | Mane Addicts
(My Monpure hair products)

I was immediately drawn in by the refreshing scent of each product. The mask was my favorite, smelling almost like an after-dinner mint. The conditioner had a fragrance somewhat similar to baby powder, though in the best way possible. And the shampoo had an aroma of a Ricola cough drop. These are all fragrances I particularly love so my nostrils were already obsessed with the products before I even lathered them up.

What I loved about the conditioner was that the formula isn’t super heavy. My strands tend to be on the finer side, so many conditioners will weigh them down. This one was light and creamy in texture, making it easy to work through my ends. With the shampoo, I enjoyed how sudsy it got. I enjoy a lot of bubbles because it makes me feel as though the shampoo is working overtime to cleanse my strands and nourish my scalp. I will say, I noticed a big difference in how much softer my strands felt only after two uses. My hair is color-treated, so it requires an extra bit of love and attention I often forget to give it. This shampoo and conditioner duo offered me luscious locks I didn’t think was attainable.

Now, on to the mask. I want to start off by mentioning I’m not the best at remembering to use a hair mask regularly. After I’ve washed my hair, I don’t particularly enjoy waiting for it to dampen so I can run a mask through it and wash it out once again. That’s too much work for me. Still, I wanted to give this mask a fair chance. And I’ve actually used it twice now. I applied it mainly to my scalp to give it the attention it deserves. My scalp felt deeply cleansed and nourished after the first use. I can definitely see myself using this mask more often to achieve optimal scalp health. I highly recommend this trio for anyone looking to improve the health of their strands and scalp.

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