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Veils, Unveiled

Trying on a veil is the final a-ha moment a bride is supposed to have before she says yes to the dress. It’s a make-or-break bridal accessory and if you’ve seen Kourtney Kardashian/any princess bridal inspo, you know that bigger is usually better. This is as much as we know about veils (they are sometimes required depending on your dress and they look great) but there’s little else we know. Like, how do you get them to stay put all night? What styles do they work with? Are they functional (does it pull back from the front of your face)? Okay, so we obviously have spent a lot of time thinking about veils without ever trying one on. And here’s where Caralee Pridemore, Sam Villa ambassador and founder of Sweetly Pinned comes in to answer all my questions and quite literally unveil the veil. 

How to Keep Veils in Place

The most pressing question is obviously, how do veils stay in? This is the last thing any bride wants to be worrying about, but there is true mess potential in a veil. “If a bride is wearing a veil with a bun, place the veil above the bun,” Caralee explains. “If they’re wearing a down style with curls, create a micro braid at the crown under the first layer of hair so it’s hidden and then the comb of the veil will securely fit into the braid.”

Yes, but how can you ensure yours doesn’t shift on your wedding day?

“The shape of the comb on a veil is usually curved like a “C.”  It’s shaped that way to fit comfortably around the head shape and so when it’s inserted to a base of a secret micro braid it will stay securely in place,” Caralee reassures me. 

Veil Tips and Tricks

In terms of tricks or hacks, it kinda just depends on the veil. “If it’s a specific veil and not traditional it may take a little work to get it to stay in securely. There are multiple tricks you can use. Get some hair thread, similar to what is used for extensions, and use a hair needle to sew in the veil. Another option is to create two loops on each end of the veil, insert bobby pins into the loops, and criss-cross them making an ‘x’ shape,” she says.

So can you just use hairspray? Unfortunately, our BFF in a can won’t cut it here, though you probably need it for all other parts of the style. “I do not use hairspray to support a veil as I don’t want to add product buildup around the hair in those areas. I do a normal amount of strong hold hairspray at the end, like Redken Triple Take 32. The foundation you have built should hold it securely, especially if you expand the cuticle with a Sam Villa Signature Series Textur Professional Texturizing Iron, it will create a very strong base. It also adds incredible volume to curls, braids, knots, and twists,” Caralee says.

If you’re basing your style around the veil, Caralee notes you don’t have to be limited. “Any style is the best for veils,” she says. “I prefer updos for the easiest application, but any style can work with the right foundation and creative pin placement.”

But, does the hairstyle have to change depending on the size of the veil? “If it’s a heavier veil, you have to build a stronger foundation, that’s when you should definitely use a texture iron and hidden braid anchors,” Caralee continues. “If the bride wants to put a long cathedral veil under the bottom of her bun, I typically advise against it as the veil is heavy and can pull on the bun and be uncomfortable.”

Dresses and Veils

On Say Yes to the Dress, it seems like only certain dresses work with the accessory, which Caralee disagrees with, saying “it’s a personal preference.” 

“Veils are super trendy right now, especially those covering the entire hair and face. I’m loving the different looks Kourtney Kardashian wore recently. Again, it’s personal preference and we should always do what we feel is best for the bride on her special day. It’s all about using our professional expertise to make them feel beautiful and special, without having to worry about their hair,” she adds. Point taken!

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