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Ditch Your Curling Iron for These Velcro Rollers

Velcro hair rollers are all over TikTok, which has many of us ditching our curling irons for the heat-free styling tool. If you’re ready to jump on the bandwagon but aren’t sure where to begin, allow us to be your guide. We rounded up some of the best rollers around. No matter what you’re hoping to achieve with your hair, there’s a set of velcro rollers for you. Scroll below to find them!

Drybar High Tops Self-Grip Rollers: $12

Drybar’s velcro rollers are the best when you need an extra bit of volume at the root. When your day two blowout is falling flat, pops these onto your crown for some mega-lift. They work for any hair length and are incredibly easy to use, so they’re a great option for beginners.

Drybar High Tops Self-Grip Rollers

(via Ulta)

Conair Assorted Sized Self Grip Rollers: $8.79

You’ll get the most bang for your buck with this set of velcro rollers. With five unique sizes, they’ll fit any hair length and work for any texture. Whether you’re hoping to create voluminous curls or just want an extra bit of lift, these rollers are your saving grace.

Conair Assorted Sized Self Grip Rollers

(via Target)

Kitsch Ceramic Hair Roller Variety Pack: $14

These velcro hair rollers are great in a pinch. When you’re short on time, simply attach them to your roots, blast them with a bit of heat, let them cool, and you’re good to go. Really, it’s that simple.

Kitsch Ceramic Hair Roller Variety Pack

(via Kitsch)

Luxy Hair Velcro Hair Rollers: $25

Luxy Hair has the chicest velcro rollers around. This entire kit is packed with various rollers and hair clips to give you a salon blowout at home in half the time. You’ll feel incredibly luxurious with these rollers in your hair—we always do.

Luxy Hair Velcro Hair Rollers

(via Luxy Hair)

FHI Heat Runway IQ Session Styling Large Rapid Heat Rollers: $27.99

These rollers can actually heat up, which makes them great to use for harder to hold styles. You’ll easily be able to create intricate updos and long-lasting curls thanks to these rollers. Plus, they’re easier to use than traditional hot tools. All you have to do is set them, let them cool, and you’re practically good to go.

FHI Heat Runway IQ Session Styling Large Rapid Heat Rollers

(via Bed Bath and Beyond)

Hot Tools Thermal Velcro Rollers: $16.99

If you’re hoping to achieve long-lasting curls no matter your length, these are the perfect velcro rollers for you. They offer an assortment of sizes for varying hair lengths and give you the most stunning heatless curls.

Hot Tools Thermal Velcro Rollers

(via Ulta)

Not sure velcro rollers are the right type of rollers for you? HERE are our five other types of rollers that may suit you better!

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