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MANESPIRATION: Effortless Hair Graces the Venice Film Fest Red Carpet

Each year we watch celebs debut their recent films and closely watch the style scene as they walk down the carpet of the Venice Film Festival. This year, we love the sense of ease shown throughout the carpet with low key, naturally gorgeous manes.

Amber Heard Venice Film Fest

Among the stand out tresses was Amber Heard’s languid locks. She left her dirty blonde locks wavy for a very organic and unrefined feel.

Alessandra Ambrosio Natural Waves

Another that followed in Heard’s path was Victoria’s Secret Angel, Alessandra Ambrosio. The supermodel donned her classic brunette mane with the same natural glow. Her strands were effortlessly flowing and un-sculpted.

Elisa Sednaoui Venice Film Fest

Italian celebrity, Elisa Sednaoui, also sported a laid back appearance with her dark tresses blowing in the Venice breeze. It was as if she was still on a beach for the summer. It was refreshing to see this humble and natural vibe be brought to this red carpet.


These ladies reminded the crowd that they are real women and can show off a beautiful mane with little manipulation or products.  We hope they pave the way for more effortless beauty on the red carpet.

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